still sick.

mood: exhausted

yesterday was the first time i didn’t actually write an entry here on any of my blogs. i felt tired and sick and all that.

and today, i just feel tired. it’s my first day to surf the crismon tide. women out there, sympathize with me. my eyes hurt, my head hurts and yet here i am still struggling to write something down.

maybe i shouldn’t.maybe i should. but i can’t let this day pass by without thanking an angel.. you know who you are and i dunno what i would do without you. a heartfelt thank you is in order.

as for the rest of my day.. well, i therefore conclude that it all happened because destiny saw that i was bored and decided to shake me up a little. okay. that wasn’t a little.. if it ws to be compared to an earthquake,it would have reached 8 on the Ritcher scale (tama ba spelling?)

anyway the aftermath is done. ive said what i wanted to say, although there are still some more that i wanted to, i’ll just leave it to that. i’m contented with eating my MnM’s peanuts.

ARGH. can i just say, as an ending that i think love and politics are not that far apart. there is no such thing as a perfect politician or partner. you can never take away arguments or corruption, but still the same, life would never be the same without the both of them.

i’m out.


Author: angparaluman

a poster girl with no poster staying on the safe side of the road less traveled.

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