Fathers, Fashion and Fun

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music: Do I Need A reason – D’Sound

Fathers, Fashion and Fun!!

let me just say this first that i am so godamn sleepy.. yeah.. how hassle… the chlorpheneramine really kicks ass.

it was father’s day today. i called my dad without a call card once again so my bill next month for sure would be catastrophic. i wouldn’t even dare think about it anymore.hay. bahala na. what was important was that i got to talk to my dad. he was well.. which was good, although he’s suffering from a few headaches here and there.

happy father’s day to all fathers out there.

i was just visiting my wardrobe kanina coz i was figuring out the stuff i wanted to bring home.. but then i was thinking if i was to bring all of them back home, i would have trouble bringing those back here PLUS the sandamkmak bilin to me. hay. when i talked to my dad i got the chance to talk to my brother too. he thinks that im this mayaman girl already. little does he know im nearly in debt. damn. i hate that. i never want to be in debt. shopping here in britain is just so damn infectious. its just like having TopShop as my SM. how cool is that? still, i haven’t gone out for more than two weeks now just so i avoid spending at all. there’s this saying that goes a pinch of prevention is more than a pound of cure.. something like that.. and yeah, you bet im pinching every pound i have left!!! moeny problems are slowly creeping up to me. hmmmm. just hope im ready for it.

actually im basically done and ready to go home. i have submitted all my required papers and all im waiting for is the letter to give to the embassy. all i have to do then is go to the embassy and finish everything off!! YIPEE!!!

there is already a tenant in the condo. she will be renting for 15grand a month so thats a big help in my part. plus there are also tentants in the apartments already so thats a good sign too. Ü thanks Lord. bait mo talaga.

the thing is.. i don’t know where to stay anymore.. i mean, come on.. i need a place to bum.. to do my..you know..deeds. WAHAHAAH!! joke. but i need a place to crash into. BF is so faaaar. i can’t stay with sina Chants forever. i hope joey had a place na.. i wonder if she would allow me to stay with her.. i won’t be much trouble anyway.. besides, ill pull her along anywhere i go.

i better talk to Jean about going to Bora.. at least ill be with her if ever diba? sana she wants to go.. kaso that would be days away from papa j.. waaaaa.. bahala na. ewan ko ba.

AND. i still don’t know where the heck i would go after landing in the Philippines. my brother can pick me up.. but then.. i really don’t want to go home kaagad.. that means i have to bring again a maleta full of pasalubongs. (hayop. kala mo naman nabili na.well, i have bought some of it, but most of it are still in a list.heheh)

sean told me that sina noe might go to Bali next summer. not a bad idea. i might go with them if that would be the case. i would like to visit indonesia sometime.

pangs and i talked about a lot of things kanina. one thing that really fascinated me was when we talked about his religion. i have deep respect for their religion, and my curiosity is not a sign of rudeness.. wala lang.. i just find it so practical yet so intense at the same time. hmm. wala lang. just thinking out loud again. i love chlorpheneramine.

i slept for over 12 hours kanina. probably the longest sleep i ever had ever since i got here.. and thats like 12 hours non stop sleep. ay wait.. i kinda woke up god knows what time coz my YM was buzzing. pangs was making me kulit but then i was too groggy.

speaking of the damn devil and chantal umali. i had this LSS kanina, and they won’t tell me the title of the damn song. it was like playing in my mind forever.. anyway i know it na, and since i can’t download it, ill just post the lyrics.


do i need a reasond’sound

Today when I saw you
I knew it was just like the first time
When you met my eyes I came close
And I felt like the first time

To hold back my fear
and feel you so near
I’ve never been this far before
To hold back my fear
and feel you so near
I’m scared of falling into deep this time

Do I need a reason to tell you why
I’m singing you this song
Do I need a reason to show you that
I know where I belong
Whenever I am weary I lean on
this feeling that I have
I am so much stronger now
Thankful, yes I am

Today I’ll renounce them,
the doubts and the fears I’ve been nursing
I’ll fly like a moth to the flame
and I’ll feel like the first time

To hold back my fear
and let you come near
I’ve never been this far before
To hold back my fear
and let you come near
I’m ‘fraid of loosing and still I go

i wrote a poem earlier.. idiot me didn’t save it in the word pad. i still have it in my message archive, but im just so tamad to post it right now.. the chlorpheneramine is kicking reaaaaaaaaaal good. i feel so steady. heheh

that again, ladies and gentlemen concluded my once again so exciting world. whopeedoo.

im out.


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a poster girl with no poster staying on the safe side of the road less traveled.

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