To Meat or Not To Meat

mood: confused
music: Drive – Incubus

i love meat. chicken, beef or pork, it doesn’t really matter to me. besides, its not hard to get meat anywhere. fast food chains promote meat. barbeque grills on the backyard on a sunny day promotes a good family relationship. so all these time, i cannot imagine my life without meat.

until today. i got across this site again out of total boredom.. and there was a video there that i just had to click on to. and i watched it.

before watching that site i ate grilled chicken for dinner. it was really good, spicy and hot. earlier on today i ate longganisa. when i was debating wether or not i should watch the mini documentary,i thought to myself, “nah, i don’t think it would affect me that much.” after watching the film, i wanted to barf.

there are just too much going inside my head right now that most probably i wouldn’t be making as much sense as i wanted to. i am too torn apart.

as i said earlier, i love meat, but seeing how they suffer on the process just to feed me makes me think twice.

but another argument enters my head, they are not human. but they are mammals too.. and the way there were maltreated, beaten up and tortured makes me sick. i was thinking what if humans were to be eaten too. wouldn’t we shout justice for that? how come we can’t shout justice for these animals?

maybe becuase they themselves can’t be heard, animals and humans have no clear way of interacting with one another… and besides, its really the way of life i guess, just like what Nigel said in Finding Nemo, “fish gotta swim, birds gotta eat..” and so do we.. the economy can’t just turn soft hearted over the animals.. it would break the foodchain of our ecosystem. since there are more people, they have to feed more mouths, and its just really practical to use medical technology to keep us well fed.

the conflict in my head is killing me. what a dilemna i have put myself into. if i just hadn’t opened that site, if not for my curiosity, i wouldn’t be hearing two voices at my head right now.

but is there something that we could possibly do? if we just allow these animals to grow as normally as they can, or even use pain killers before castrating them or branding them, or buy new trucks with more space for the animals to breathe in, the industry would suffer, and expenses would be higher, which would later on mean higher prices on food.

i guess it boils down to that, its either the animals or us. and since we are supposedly SMARTER than animals, and we can do actually something about their fate and not vice versa, i guess the choice to preserve our kind is easier.

and what really irritates me is that i can’t really be a vegetarian. i could try, but i don’t think i would be successful at all. i dunno what to do.

on a lighter note, ENGLAND WON!!! YAAAAAAAAHHOOOOOO!!!! 3 to nil baby!!! sorry for the Swiss Chocolate team, i guess they just got “creamed”. haha. so much for my pun.

if there are people out there who is as curious and as bored as me, click on the link i did above.. maybe it wouldn’t bother you as much as it bothered me.


Author: angparaluman

a poster girl with no poster staying on the safe side of the road less traveled.

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