Big Brother

mood: enraged

Britain is caught up by the Big Brother wave again, and i am definitely on it.. not by choice really, but by sheer boredom. basically you put a randomly selected group of people into a big house for 10 weeks without contact from the outside world. and you get to watch every single thing they do. kinda like having human pets.

now that alone can be eligible for an argument, but for the sake of entertainment, people turn blind coz they get amused by seeing these people fart out loud and backstab each other.. and i would be a hypocrite if i say i dont enjoy these things too. but i just have to rave about kitten.

kitten is this anti everything girl. i think shes even anti-anti. she was a lesbian with super strong beliefs and values.. and she didn’t mind showing it to everyone.. in fact, she made it her point to show it to everyone. she got evicted on the first week of the show.. and there wasn’t even going to be an eviction. she got evicted becuase she was breaking the rules.. which was fine with me.

so obviously everyone wanted her out because she was saying what she believed in. and what people don’t like about her REALLY is that she scared them. people got scared of the truth that she was talking. people got scared coz here was someone out there who didn’t care about what society thinks.

this is what i found so funny. after she got evicted she became a regular mainstay on the big brother forum. now i just have to get this out of my system. i hate vernon kay. i just soo fucking hate him. i have no idea why they got him to host that forum. he is not a good host as well, i mean, come on. hes not even handsome!! not even a bit!! he’s got a large mouth that can already be compared to steve tyler. at least steve has talent and charisma. this vernon guy has non. he doesn’t have ettiquette at the least! he’s rude and interrupts the people he’s asking. i mean, im not a host.. but i do know its not nice to interrupt people when they are talking.

so anyway back to kitten. so shes a regular right? and this jerk asks her questions, and of course, knowing her strong personality, she has a lot to say.. he doesn’t even let her finish her sentences.. and tells her to shut up.. and that no one really likes to listen to her. poor kitten just covered her face.. and then i guess she wasn’t able to take it anymore, she left the studio. and you know what vernon kay does? he laughs.. and says something about when a part of the family leaves, the ones left stay closer.. and they move in closer and one guy in the panel says, “when’s the burial?” and vernon kay says something like he doesn’t know but he would definitely cremate her just to be sure she’s dead.

is this still right and humane? people in the audience laughed becuase they were weak. but i know if they were in the same position of kitten, they wouldn’t be laughing at all.

i felt so bad for kitten. and i so hated vernon kay. i don’t find him amusing at all. somehow i wish this post would reach the big brother producers and see how pathetic their host is.. and that somehow..its getting out of hand.. i mean if they don’t like her, then just leave her alone. showbizness will be showbizness..but sometimes its too much.

is it her fault that she was honest and true? i cant find the right words to express my disgust against vernon kay.. from now on he belongs to my super short list of people i hate. and boy do i hate him talaga.

i dont want to talk about it further coz i dont think i would be able to sleep well if i do. anyway, thats all for today.

i’m out.


Author: angparaluman

a poster girl with no poster staying on the safe side of the road less traveled.

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