Better Late than Never

mood: determined
music: Summer Breeze – Jason Mraz

i finished Ramses today. i just can’t put the book down.

similar to Da Vinci Code, it has combined fact with fiction, which honestly is still playing with my mind.. i am now getting confused with my history. but nevertheless, i have enjoyed it tremendously. i regret not buying all 5 in one day. i knew that i wouldn’t be able to put it down so hassle diba? hay nako, i guess i just have to wait til Sunday.

as usual i wouldn’t post any reviews on the book, i feel that each person would definitely have a different experience when they read the book. and just like i don’t like it when people tell me the ending of a movie or a book, i wouldn’t do the same thing.

hmm. pretty steady day for me.. my YM crashed a while ago so i had to re-download it (izzat right!?) i was panicking coz i installed it and un-installed it but i didn’t fucking work. if i was back in Manila i would have called pangs immediately. but since im here all alone, i had to grit my teeth and face the bull.

and i did it. i made it work. if you ask me what i exactly did, I HAVE NO IDEA. i don’t know if one day my computer will suddenly bug down because of it, but right now im proud to say that i did it all on my own. yaye.

god i really sound like a ditz. so what. at least aminado me that i am.

i just realized a while ago that i am such a dense person. ooops. let me rephrase that. according to a good friend, i am not dense. just mean.

waaah. maybe i am. but that makes me dense too, coz im mean.

i hate waiting..or at least i think i do.. all i know is that i am rarely on time. for everything. i’m even late for my own birthday. as far as i can remember, i was always late. starting from my debut, my 19th bday (in Guweilos – everyone was literally there, and i told them to order na ahead of me) and most recently my 20th bday (so far the most kick ass birthday ive ever had, a pool party in Paranaque). whatever i do i seem to always have a reason to be late. my friends must really love me or i must be giving them so much that they put up with this crap.

im not wallowing in self-pity or anything. i just come to realize that maybe its time that i should change for the better.(wow.. maging mature ba!?!?) some people might just give up waiting for me.. thank God no one has ever walked out on me.. but this doesn’t mean i have to wait for that moment to happen right?

i’m trying to remember the longest time i have made someone wait for me. i guess the record holder would be my mom. with friends, though..hmm.

you know i’ve been late forever that i can’t think of a single time.. how mean noh? although, i know that i never want to be late for my Antioch meetings, and my workshops with the parent leaders. i guess thats the only time im not late. wow…

when i still rode the school bus i always rode on the last ride.. my bag would be on the first ride, then i would go play, then just go home on the last ride.. and still the manongs would wait for me.

my high school barkada always adjusts the time for me. if they say meeting time is at 6.. they say its at 5.. but since i know its on 6, i come around 7.and basically nothing starts until i come.

cookie..well, it always have been happy-go-lucky with my cookie family so time isn’t such a big issue. kaye would forever wait for me to get to her house so we can go to the gym. i guess there has been one or two occasions that i didn’t arrive at all. waaah.

nsg..well, they all gathered in my condo first, so how can i be late with that??

noel is forever patient with me. we were always both late so theres no problem with that.

appy always waited for me. maybe thats where it started. i can’t be late with him coz he picks me up.

ceejay waited, but it was rational. i don’t think i was ever late without a valid excuse. .besides, when he called, i jumped right away.

alvin once waited for me in galle for more than 3 hours. i forgot what i was doing. i think i was in the gym. and i think i reallly really wanted him to wait coz i was so pissed at him… tama ba? yeah, i think so.

kelvi was always on the condo so i dont think i ever made him wait… hmmm…oh.. he was the one always late coz he was coming from coastal!!! but he would go home LATE..or should i say early in the morning na to make up for lost time.

pangs waited for me in rockwell for i think two hours. and before that i cancelled the gimmick already, then i uncancelled it. then i was still late, and we were both low bat. that one was pretty much valid because it was really traffic, but still he waited for me in cookie forever. and sometimes i never even came.

papa j..well, he has a very short temper, and i learned that early in the relationship. he would wait for me, but i have to pay dearly for it. hehe. and i dont mind paying at all. ehehe. but he gets ticked off once in a while when i’m late.. but i just smile and make him lambing, so it’s all good na. besides, i’m worth the wait naman diba? (MAGBUHAT BA NG SARILING BANGKO!?!)

my brother will always, always wait for me. especially back in high school when he would pick me up.

hmmm.. there are other more occasions with so many other people that i wont bother to write na coz they are, im so sorry, insignificant.

well, maybe they are, but i guess im just tamad to write them all down, baka super haba na this entry than it already is.

man…. it must be really a miracle that i still have so many friends around.. especially when i get frustrated when they are late.. but with me they wait so patiently. i know i’ve hurt a couple (if not a lot) of people with this attitude, but if i begin saying sorry to each and every one of them, it would take me forever. its time to move on. in each appointment that i would have, i will try to make it on time. – no wait. I WILL BE ON TIME.

wow.. how positive!! HAHAH!! okay.. lets start with my appointment with the International Office soon.(fingers crossed) may each early appointment i make serve as penance to each late appoinment i went to.

as of now, once again, i am late with my appointment with my dreams. so ill end this now.

i’m out.


Author: angparaluman

a poster girl with no poster staying on the safe side of the road less traveled.

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