home sweet second home

mood: nationalistic
music: Spread Love – Benny Benassi

PUNYETA. France effing won.

with nearly 30 seconds left with England leading one to nil (courtesy of Lampard during the 38th minute),Zinedine Zidane showed his vava-voom by scoring 2 consecutive points through a free kick and a penalty shot within minutes which left England devastated.

it left me devastated too. waah. punyeta talaga.

but in fairness, England fought well. they were against the defending champions anyway. IF ONLY they didn’t lose their steam in the end. plus France just kept attacking and attacking during the second half, it wouldn’t be such a big surprise if they just got tired. i mean, come on, they just kept clearing and clearing the ball to the other side but France just stayed on the other half of England. hay. it’s really frustrating me.

oh.. a lot happened today besides the first match of Englandm but that was my biggest story of the day. the other story is that i got dark. i spent the whole day under the sun and i felt i was burning. i slept pa under the sun. it makes me feel so much closer to home.

i’d like to go back to the Euro Cup..i have to admit i wasn’t such a big Euro fan. this actually tears me coz i really like Zidane. i’ve like Real Madrid even before Beckham went there. i think it was a good career move for Beckham to be transferred to Real Madrid. anyway, that’s not my point. My point is that i good hooked because of the OVERWHELMING LOYALTY they have for their team. i mean, everywhere i go, i see England flags waving about the blue sky… and everyone seems to be wearing an England shirt. the passion is so intoxicating.. its either you join them, or you die trying not to join them. i choose to live.

and its not bad at all, i can’t believe im actually saying this but i have to start feeling that this is my second home. waah. but its okay. i just hope the Euro Cup would last 4 years. haha.

good luck to England on their next games. i’ll be praying real hard for them.


Author: angparaluman

a poster girl with no poster staying on the safe side of the road less traveled.

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