had a looong day. went to Haverhill (as mentioned earlier) and i saw this FABULOUS poncho in Neu Look. I wanted to buy it but i can’t coz i didn’t have any money at all. I left my cards at home knowing that temptation would be flirting around with me again. and BOY did he lay it down heavy on me. HASSLE.

later on my cousin gave me £70. i totally forgot that she owed me money. so when i held it, i felt like i was a cartoon character with the “ka-ching” eyes. i wanted to buy the poncho. but on the way back to Neu Look, i just HAD to pass by Miss Selfridge because there, basking in the sun, lay a sign that said, SALE. it was heaven. i saw this really wicked shirt. it was black and it had Vintage 07 printed on it. and i just had to get it. waaah. but its on sale anyway,so i got it. Yipee!!!

look, i havent been out for a week or so now so obviously im REALLY,REALLY anxious to buy something. ha. anyway it was just a SHIRT. i didn’t even buy the poncho at all. hay.

so anyway, was nearly, nearly late for my shoot coz i went home pa to grab a couple of tops. not to mention my PIMPLE was killing me, bad trip talaga, but i had to go anyway diba? kakahiya naman if i don’t go. so the shoot went pretty well, normal stuff, don’t want to elaborate on it.

really wish i knew how to put on make-up like they do…i looked immaculate. i actually thought i was pretty enough for the shoot. haha. unlike the last one was just really so casual and normal, this one was pretty glammed up. it feels nice to be pamperd once in a while, but i don’t think i would ever want to put make-up every day. the extra time alloted for it would kill me. that’s why i’m really amazed by those people who wake up extra early to fuss about their faces and skin.

me? i just wake up, do my crunches, take my first yosi, drink milk and eat cereal, take a bath, take out the first thing on my closet and grab my cell, shades and yosi. my friends can forever testify that i seldom brush my hair. but i do love chapstick, so thats a .5 kikay point on me. yaye.

it was the Philippine Independence Day today. went to a Filipino Mass with all the songs. i nearly cried. no, i cried, but i hid it. i didn’t want to bawl just because i heard the Bayang Magiliw. but i did cry when i heard Lift Up Your Hands. i just stifled a yawn so that my cousin wouldn’t notice that i cried. i really miss home so much. i have to be honest to say that the masses here are a tad bore. REALLY. i mean, their songs are really, really old. like those old hymns with monotonous tunes. i really missed the Filipino Songs. waah. when i go home, im really going to mass na TAGALOG. i super, super, super miss it. waaah.

afterwards there was this little salo-salo that we attended.and this has been bothering me for a few months now, but there are a couple of girls in the parish that i think has a problem with me. normally, i’m pretty steady and i really don’t care what other people think of me. but this is a more controlled society, and there are just a few Filipinos lurching around Cambridge, so i usually see them. it all started on that Muse thing for Kuya’s basketball league thingy.when they were practicing palang in the gym i was going to, i saw them already. mainly because they were actually young, and we were a few girls in that room. i came from gym so obviously i was still sweating like a kid and they were staring at me. as in literally STARING. those girls.. argh. i swear and these girls are younger than me. i know they are..im estimating around 14-16 and they act like they know it all. maybe becuase they knew i was new in Cambridge and i’m really so sorry to say this but they are so feeling BRIT. my god, at least get the fashion straight.so anyway basta, then on the opening day for that league thing i suddenly became muse for kuya’s team and man i was so not prepared at all. as in my hair was wet pa and everything and i paraded around the court holding this pathetic sign. i had to do it coz kuya won’t pay me if i do. so malamang those girls were there again. kasi i learned that one of the girls’ dad was the president chuva of the Pinoy Community or something like that. and they had pa this little “cheerleading” presentation. im sorry, its my journal so i can bitch around if i wanted to. but i found it so funny. i mean, they are here, and they grew up here, but what’s with the moves, pare? and the SONG. ugh, i can’t even bear to mention the name of the song. so anyway, deadma and one of the girls was a muse also. taena malay ko ba na mananalo ako noh. sa kanya na if she wants. now i know that she was bitter coz i heard her say something mean about me and acutally made irap to me. i just had to laugh it out coz honey, if she knew who she was against with,she might end up running back to her momma. and up to this day they follow me. whispering and all that shit.. they even watch me smoke kanina.

im sorry but im just so irritated with them. but i can’t blame them anyway if they gang up on me. im pretty new, and they have been there forever.. what saddens me is that they are not friendly at all. god knows i wanted to be friends with them, but i just don’t know what i did to them to treat me like this. ay nako, the end of this all really is, I DONT GIVE A RATS ASS. really, i don’t. if they are just gonna bitch around me, i don’t need them.

so there’s my day in a nutshell. i really have to sleep earlier than usual coz i’m gonna go to the carboot again tomorrow to buy myself another book… hopefully a couple more things. bahala na. basta i want to go, and i’m praying that the sun would shine so i can bare some skin naman. naiingit nako sa mga brit dito. if they can flaunt it, so can i. wahahaha!!!

okay, i’m out.


Author: angparaluman

a poster girl with no poster staying on the safe side of the road less traveled.

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