in which i talk about blotches, furnitures and true love

mood: anxious
music: I MISS YOU – Incubus


i know im gonna sound like a total ditz. but im gonna say it anyway. its my shoot tomorrow and im all blotchy and FAT. i feel so fat. i havent seen a gym for more than 5 months already. although im sure that my weight remains the same, i dont think i can say the same thing for my BMI.damn i hate feeling like this. i can’t cancel it nanaman coz i’ve been cancelling it forever. besides, ako na nga ginagawan ng favor ako pa maarte.

i wonder why i get myself in to these kinds of things.

I SWEAR i better start sleeping on time. my body clock is not for UK nor is it for the Philippines. i guess i really have terrible sleeping habits. as in terrible talaga. but i do get 8 hours of sleep, not just on the right time, i guess. but its still 8 hours and the occasional naps when the babies are asleep.

we’re going pa to Haverhill tomorrow to check out the house. i guess they’re planning to start buying stuff na for the house. if they ask me, my room is enough. my clothes can stay on one corner, i can sleep on the floor, and my computer can stay on the floor as well. i like the minimalist look. haha.really don’t want to spend that much money on furniture i can’t haul out if i do ever move out. argh. more more more money. PERA NALANG PARATI!! damn i wish i was rich.

so there. Haverhill in the morning, which is about 5 hours from now and then my shoot in the afternoon. i swear i should’ve said morning. i ddin’t know that we were going to Haverhill tomorrow so too bad for at least trying to primp up for the event. i’m gonna look haggard and tired and fat and blotchy. waaaah.

i really don’t care. (right.) papa j said i’m pretty anyway, fat, blotchy and all. (bentang benta naman ako)

could i have found true love at last?

hay. things i do to amuse myself.

i better go and run after those zzz’s.. dont think they would let me catch them without a fight.

i’m out.


Author: angparaluman

a poster girl with no poster staying on the safe side of the road less traveled.

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