Sana’y Wala Ng Wakas

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sana’y wala ng wakas
kung pag-big ay wagas
paglalambing, sa’yong piling
ay ligaya kong walang kahambing…

i happen to love this song popularized by one of my favorite singers, Sharon Cuneta (baket may angal?!) i think way back in the early 90’s. It speaks of a love so intense that its willing to go through anything just to keep the love alive. I love sawi songs so much.

kung di malimot ang tadhana
bigyang-tuldok ang ating ligaya
walang hanggan ay hahamakin
pagka’t walang katapusan kitang iibigin

as i sit here writing my entry for tonight i am watching one of my favorite pinoy soaps. i wasn’t able to watch it for a week or so becuase my subscription was cut. so now i am left cramming 10 episodes of my soaps. its nearly morning, but i keep watching like i can’t watch it tomorrow.

sana’y wala ng wakas
kapag hapdi ay lumipas
ang mahalaga ngayon ay pag-asa
dala ng pag-ibig saksi buong daigdig…

which brings me again to my favorite topics of the fantasy worlds of soap operas. i mean COME ON. Arabella (the lead actress) is already getting married to Leo, but her mom still thinks that Ara still loves Christian. Telling Ara, “hey you better be careful on your choices coz i know where your heart still belongs.” Now where in the world can you find a mom who would push her daughter back to her ex? I was just playing with the thought of my mom does push me back to my ex. I shudder just thinking about it. My mom having hang-ups on my ex. WAHAHAAH!! i mean, i’m gonna be quite open here and saying my mom doesn’t like Papa J.. but she never does like anyone for me. But in soaps, its quite normal to have a SUPER UNDERSTANDING PARENT. come to think of it, i don’t think i see any soaps thinking about the reality and practicality of money and studies. I don’t see any soaps talking about the degree of their girlfriends and boyfriends. Yeah, they go through a lot of things, more than an average person does, but they all willingly go through everything for the sake of love. Now if this happens in the real world, you would be called stupid.

kahit na ilang tinik ay kaya kong tapakan
kung yan ang paraan upang landas mo’y masundan…

another thing is how intense the hang-ups of these people are to each other. nag-aagawan sila sa isang girl.. still quite normal, BUT, i don’t think that its quite normal for them to fight THIS LONG!! and that intense.. haha..

kahit ilang ulit ako’y iyong saktan
hindi kita maaring iwanan..

don’t get me wrong, i’m not on the verge of stopping my studies or anything rash to that effect and start finding for myself a wealthy man who would marry me because i am beautiful or for whatever reasons they have. nor would i go back to my ex telling him i still love him. i just find it so amusing that these characters seem to know it all, seem to have it all. i know its quite impossible to find a love like that. in the real world, you fall, get hurt, you wipe your wounds, stand up and never look back again. in their world, its all governed by the heart. they keep fighting for it.. literally til the end of the world. in the real world, that would be kinda hard especially if you don’t have the moeny to do so.. in their world, well, i guess that’s why they have sponsors for their show. (hehe)

kahit ilang awit ay aking aawitin
hanggang ang himig ko’y maging himig mo narin…

sometimes its just nice to think about it, and i guess i have to admit that i get envious of their lives sometime. it would be wonderful to live in their world for talk about destiny and chances.. to see love in its purest form, without the bias of religion, race, financial and educational background. that would have been such a sweet life. i’m trying hard to see the effects of living in this kind of world, but i still cant see one. maybe because im still watching the shows and im still blinded by the surreal fantasy it brings.

kahit ilang dagat ang dapat tawirin
higit pa riyan, ang aking gagawin…

but maybe that is what makes our real world more worth living for. the easy moving on exes, the not understanding moms and the piercing truth of practicality.. because i still think, even in this harsh, dark, cruel and biased world, a silver lining of that soap opera life exists,and maybe its as surreal as the unicorns, but i guess i’m just as hopeless as them, i would go through hell and back to find it, and when i finally assure myself that i do, i promise, that i will never let it go.

di lamang pag-ibig ko,
di lamang ang buhay ko’y ibibigay
sa ngalan ng pag-ibig mo
higit pa riyan aking mahal, ang alay ko…


Author: angparaluman

a poster girl with no poster staying on the safe side of the road less traveled.

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