Familiarity Blues

mood: sleepy
music: Tide is High – Atomic Kittens

i was REALLY REALLY HAPPY today but let me just point out something really quick that super irritated me a couple of minutes ago. i was surfing through the my space accounts (looking for friends i havent added-talk about having all the time in the world) and i came across this one site that proclaims in one of the blog entries, “why it rocks to be Atenean…! ;P (whoa!!) it really kinda sounded okay, but the whole WHOA thing just blew it apart. so, out of the curiosity of this cat, i opened the entry already knowing that i would be full of school jokes.. and i was quite seething looking at the entry. The De La Salle University pride still runs fiercely through my veins.. and this girl.. hay. my mom said if i have nothing better to say then just shut up. so i will.

look, I HAVE NOTHING AGAINST Ateneo or any other school for that matter. just remembered one of the jokes that once there were Atenean, Lasallian and UP-ian (sorry, dont know how to call them) friends.. and they would know its a joke coz there are no such things are these three being friends. well, let me tell you something, MISSY. most of my treasured friends come from different schools. argh.

honestly, i dont know what made me so riled up.. i mean afterall, those were just jokes.. but i guess i was pretty tired of hearing them all the time..and my DLSU pride also got in the way too. pretty normal for anyone who studies somewhere. okay, i’m not pissed anymore.

so on to my super nice talaga day. today may have been the happiest day of my life here in UK. it was the first time i watched a movie in the big screen. WHOoPIEE!!! (okay im beggining to sound like WHOA girl up there.. who cares.)i cannot believe myself. after 4 grueling months i was able to step inside a mall and watch a movie. HOW MUCH MORE PATHETIC CAN MY LIFE BE BACK HERE?! geeez. so there, that’s why im so happy. okay, lets back track to the start of the day.

as said in the previous entry, today we went to see the house that we bought in Haverhill. i finally remembered how my room was going to look like again and im beginning to feel a little woozy about the whole thing already. im paying for my own furniture inside the bedroom. if i was to be followed, i would rather sleep in the floor nalang with a nice thick comforter. better yet, in the floor with a nice thin blanket with papa j. that’s enough heat for me! WAHAH! so anyway we roamed around the house and kinda got the feel of it.. the owner was selling his double bed and the single one for £100 so my cousin bought it already. that was pretty good to know since i dont get to spend that much money anymore.. and they were handing me down their dilapidated closet so i didnt need to buy that much stuff. in one point, i felt relieved. in another point i felt “handed me down”. well, really can’t do much about it can i?

so anyway enough about that. we went to this newly opened mall after that, and there were billiard tables in the area, i literally begged and pleaded to be able to play lang.. even just one game.. and i did. when i held the cue stick i immediately felt i was home. i tingled all over. my hands became cold and sweaty. i was falling in love all over again. of course, my first 2 games was kinda bad. i mean, i haven’t played for quite some time now.. but as time progresses (plus the super big fat fact that i wanted to beat that guy so much) i grew stronger and bettter. i never felt so whole and complete my whole stay here in UK. grabe i really really really really really really missed playing billiards soo much!!!!!ÜÜÜ

so anyway after that, it even becomes better..they decided to watch a movie. i was ready to die. (no i wasn’t. i was just that happy that i thought i could die already.) we watched HArry Potter 3. i felt i was a probinsiyana going to meet the city for the very first time. but somehow, waves of familiarity splashed all over me. that was exactly how i felt when i go out. that is how its supposed to look like.

but being around familiar grounds made me realize more how much i was missing. hay nako.. there’s just no pleasing me. but its as if the things i saw in the mall were all correct. i felt and smelled correct. i wasn’t. when we were in the movie theatre we stayed at the very back coz we were with a kid. so i could see everyone below me.. and just right smack in front of me was a couple. enough said. can’t even start to describe what i felt.

a part of me just want to stay and be a hermit forever. a part of me has been longing to go out and see the world for so long.. but seeing the world, makes me want to be a hermit all the more. how ironic and moronic can i be at the same time?

on a lighter yet irritating note, my cousin-in-law just asked me to massage him once again. you know i really don’t mind massaging him, but the way he asks, like he’s like this wounded deer or something really really irritates me. he’s fucking 42 for crying out loud and im not his wife to go all pa-cutey and pa-awa all the time. and i really don’t like the way he moans and groans as if he was ready to have an orgasm. i feel so disgusted towards him. eeech. don’t want to talk about it anymore coz it gives me the creeps.

oh yeah, the billiard game, movies and snacks were all paid by me. go figure.

its late again, better park now.

im out.


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a poster girl with no poster staying on the safe side of the road less traveled.

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