mood: silly
music: Teenage Dirtbag

ive got two tickets to iron maiden baby, come with me friday, don’t say maybe, coz im just a teenage dirtbag bby like you… ooooohhh…

getting pretty crazy today. didn’t go to the beach.. ARGH!!!! i miss the sun sooo bad. im so pale already.hassel!! instead of the beach we headed for the carboot in Cowley.. and because of that, i got to spend money again on books. not that i hated it, mind you.. but i am trying to save here.. if i could remember that myself. UGH.

anyway, i just wanted to write those lines coz its been bugging me the whole day. kinda like taking out the trash.

hmmm.. nothing new today except that i have 4 new books. (yipee!!!) kinda tamad to write something of substance right now. i do remember a while ago i had something GRAND to talk about.. like the solution to world starvation and racism or something to that effect, but it vanished like a silent fart. you know it was there, but the next moment, it was gone.

totally not making any sense.

talked to my mom a while ago.. she misses me. and that’s quite normal. and i don’t mind that she does, coz i do too. i just don’t really say it that often..that’s all. maybe that’s why i’m not making any sense right now. i know its bugging me.

going to check out our newly bought house tomorrow. gonna be measuring my room so i know the (geez what do you call that again?) errr.. statistics of my room (is it called measurements?). i would be spending for my own furniture and all so i can just forsee that my bank balance by next year would be ZILCH. i’m praying to Lord Almighty that it doesn’t happen.

anyway, since im not making much sense today, better park it already.

im out.


Author: angparaluman

a poster girl with no poster staying on the safe side of the road less traveled.

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