in which i talk about bubble baths and friends

once again i was enjoying surfing too much.
i think i have perfected the Art of Surfing on Nothingness.
i had a nice, long, sensous, yummy and hot bubble bath today. nothing here in UK could relax me more. (now if i was in the Philippines, that’s a different story altogether) i love being lazy on a tub, i could practically do everything in it.. read a book, watch TV, smoke.. (thinking of getting a laptop to bring to my tub…) and write my ideas. although writing my ideas isn’t such a good idea coz i tend to splash around a lot. not to mention me being surrounded by my prized vanilla candles. i might burn to death (is it actually possible to get burned in a tub full of water?)
i am totally not making any sense right now. especially because its already half past 3 AM.. spent 2 hours in the bathroom.. it was total pamper time for me a while ago.. i actually conditioned my hair (for those who don’t know me that much, my hair is TOO smooth already, i rarely use the conditioner).. further groomed my nails, got a mud pack and everything..Üall that was missing was papa j telling me i smell yummy and smooth. hehe.
its time for me to get out of my “depressed” chapter. im not really all that depressed and all, you know.. just a little under the weather, but it was nothing my bubble bath couldn’t have fixed. obviously im getting a lot better coz i am actually beginning to write nonsense again.
nothing much to say today except that. hmm. quite boring again. jeeez. sometimes i wish a meteor suddenly landed on my porch.. or i won a million dollars so i can actually write something of substance here.
oh, yeah, i added another blog thing to my hat.. as if i wasn’t happy with the other 2 (not to mention this one..) here’s my 4th blog.. its still not much to look at, but it would surely add to my leisure time.Ü
oh, and i’m so proud of my MY SPACE account i cannot believe i could’ve actually done that!! yippee!! yeah, yeah, sure, kinda basic stuff, but hey, i went from not knowing what HTML actually means to really typing the codes myself. so for that, i deserve my *pat on the back*
friends ended today. 😦 i feel pretty sad coz like Sex in the City i actually grew with the series. i can still remember watching it in ABC 5 and telling my friends that it was cool and they didn’t want to watch it because X-Men was on.hehe. those were the days.Ü but it has to end, so there would be a memory of them. thats the fun part about these things.. its the remembering part that keeps it precious to us.Ü
well, whaddayouknow!! i actually had sense today! hehe.. takes a while to get the juices going.. kinda hungry.. maybe ill have an apple and some grapes..
so thats it for now. im out.


Author: angparaluman

a poster girl with no poster staying on the safe side of the road less traveled.

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