on weights and watches

uh oh…

my weight is precariously dipping on the 8st. mark. tsk,tsk,tsk..

this is bad, bob.

Don’t get me wrong though. Being an 8-ie doesn’t mean I’m overweight at all. I am totally not anorexic or something. I guess I just take pride to taking care of my body regularly..or so I did before. Back home I could stay in the gym for 5 hours, non-stop. that’s an hour of warm-up (stretching and cardio), followed by a two cardio workout (hi-lo, pilates, tae-bo..whatever’s on the program), and hour or two of weight training and my one hour cool down (yoga, most of the time) and afterwards I feel great.. I know im not over-exerting myself because I would definitely stop if I was.

On the other hand, when I got here, it would be lucky if I do get an hour in the gym. First of all, my finances wouldn’t allow me to engross myself on it..and my time, of course is dedicated to work. All I could possibly do at home is my yoga and pilates..and some weights. But a day with kids screaming and running all the time makes it really stressful for me to continue working out plus my niece is with me 24/7 so its really dangerous for her to be around my weights..she tries to carry them. Geez.

What to do? I really have no idea. All I know is that I’m longing to go back to my sweaty gym back home. I miss the big machines and my trainers.. I miss my aerobics. Hay.

I actually have to gain weight here coz its true that fat is a great insulator. I feel like I have onion skin here.. As much as I want to flaunt my fab body (eheehe) to these Brits (basically because I know I have more right to wear tank tops than them) I can’t because its bloody cold.

Vain, noh? So what? If I have it, I know I gotta flaunt it. Not too much though. I just miss wearing the stuff I use to wear back home..and seeing the people here wear them makes me insanely jealous. Arrrrgh!!!

What a nonsensical entry..a vain entry even. So what? Its mine anyway, at least its real.

On a lighter note, my papa j’s phone got stolen.. Waaaah. Fuckers talaga.. One good thing about UK is that I don’t think that hold-uppers in vehicles would really be tempted to actually rob a person because of the CCTV (if you ask me what CCTV is, I have no idea.).. that’s why I told him it would be good if he was here with me narin. Thank god the bastards just took the phone and his watch. I would definitely cry if they took the ring I gave him (which really put a large abysmal hole in my pocket) and all his other jewelry. And of course, if they hurt him too. Hhehe. But good thing nothing bad happened to him, I wouldn’t know what to do if something even did.

Thank God he was really optimistic about it.. That’s what I like about us e.. we know when the other person needs the other person more.. I know that in this case, I should be the one soothing him its all good, but he ended up pacifying me as well. Hmm. Now that I think about it, wasn’t that kinda selfish of me? Owel.

I’ve finally ran out of things to say. Hehe. Its still early. Maybe I should try sleeping before 2AM for a change. Im out.


Author: angparaluman

a poster girl with no poster staying on the safe side of the road less traveled.

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