i must be really bored

hay.. so much for sleeping early…never mind…
100 things about me…

1. Name: Bobsie (may angal!?!)
2. Nick: Bob, Bobs, Booby, Bobby, Bobsie
3. Middle Name: Sacdalan
4. Hair: impossibly black
5. Eyes: dark brown
6. Height: 5’3’’
7. Location: United Kingdom
8. Birthday: october 1
9. Zodiac: Libra
10. Status: Taken seriously

11. Animals: Dogs (love you max..)
12. Sport: billiards, soccer, badminton, weight lifting
13. Color: black is black
14. Song: for the moment it would be Everytime by Britney
16. Food: I’m a meatarian
17. Flower: tulips
18. Scent: Tommy Girl, Ralph Lauren, Issey and Gio
19. Movies: My Best Friend’s Wedding, Serendipity, Pretty Woman, Godfather Trilogy
20. Holiday: my birthday.. Ü *020703*
22. Element: air
23. Books: by Pablo Neruda, Nicholas Sparks, Sophie Kinsella, Wendy Holden and Nora Roberts
24. Do you wear makeup?: ha. Do pigs fly?
25. Do you pluck ur eyebrows: Kaye does it for me. (love you kaye…)
26. Do you look for personality or looks: I can’t look at personality, so I obviously have to look at looks first..hehe.honestly, it’d be personality.
27. Perfect match: uhhhh…Shawn Michaels vs. Bret Hart?
28. How many rings before you answer the phone: depends who’s calling
29. Future Career plans: Events Manager
30. Do you sleep with stuffies?: one lang naman e….Ü
31. Do you want kids: SOMEDAY.
33. Are you cute: cute are for dogs. I am definitely hot.
34. Do you have your own phone line? Yeap. Gotta pay for it.
35. Do you get along with your family? Uh. Next question.
36. Do you have any piercings or tattoos?: had a lot of ear piercing, but I think I have 2 active holes left (now that didn’t sound nice..)
37. Giving hugs?: I live to be hugged
38. Taking walks in the rain: definitely.
39. The mall?: waah. Galle and Shangri-La parin
40. Go on stage?: been there, done that. WAHAHA!
41. to Drink: or not to drink..that is the question. (jesus, im bored) used to.
42. to Smoke: only way to survive!
43. Drugs: NO.
44. Eat meat: what kind of meat?ahehe YEAP.
45. Date: October 1 and Feb 7 -oh, and Dec 25Ü
46. Chocolates: best friend and mortal enemy
47. Eat sushi:no, thanks.
48. Bike: waah.. I don’t know how!!!
50. Lace or Satin: hawwwr. Any would do, baby.Ü
51. Blue or Red: RED.
52. New or Old: new, but im more comfortable with old.Ü
53. Rain or Snow: now that I’ve felt snow, it would be RAIN anytime.
55. Wool or Cotton: Cotton
56. Rose or Daisy: Mc Gowan or Fuentes?
57. Private or public school: Private
58. Plain milk or chocolate milk: Soya or Non-Fat Milk Please
59. Celsius or Fahrenheit: Celsius
60. Spring or Fall: SPRING!
61. Math or Art: pwedeng both?
62. One pillow or two: 2 and MORE please
63. Dogs or Cats: love dogs, but acts like a cat.
64. Adidas or Nike: Adidas
65. Coke or Pepsi: water.
66. Oranges or Apple: mangoes
67. Deaf or Blind: normal (ok, i havent been answering right..)
68. Pool or hot tub: jacuzzi.
69. Blonde or Brunette: Brunette!
70. Boxers or briefs: hhhhawwr. Boxer briefs from Calvin Klein baby.
71. Tall or short: tall.
72. TV or Radio: TV
73. Drive: automatic (tamad ako e.)

Personal Stand on…
74. Brand names: too hard to get them, I like ukay-ukay better, but if I have the money to, why not?
75. Abortion: depends.
76. Religion: Catholic
77. Animal Rights: YES THEY HAVE RIGHTS!!
78. Love at first sight: Lust
79. God: is alive.
80. Aliens: are out there
81. Horoscopes: I read them often. Might be generic, but its something I keep in mind.
82. Heaven: someday
83. Hell: I don’t want to got here..
84. Reincarnation: redemption
85. Transvestites: fine with me if they’re happy.
86. Boy Bands:I have to admit I like some of their songs-okay-most of them but im not a Boy Band fanatic.
87. Rap: expression
88. 80’s music: ugly yet beautiful.
89. Punk: ummm.. Fine with me, but they take too much energy.
90. Whats the prettiest instrument(s): harp/violin, piano
91. Whats the prettiest part of the body?: PWET PARE.
92. Biggest fault: laziness
93. Biggest fears: ipises
94. Do you live in the moment?: YES.
95. Do you care about looks?: uhm, yes. but not so much. its natural to be like that..
96. Do you like your handwriting?: yeap
97. Obsession: books and bags
98. Looking forward to: August
99. Favorite weather: sunny.PLEASE!!
100. Do you ever wish you were somebody else?: of course not. I LOVE BEING ME!!Ü


Author: angparaluman

a poster girl with no poster staying on the safe side of the road less traveled.

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