tonight i was supposed to write about my Dream Job.. but as always, love has proven to be a better topic once again.

i’ve come to ask myself, is there a right age ,a right time, a right moment, a right place and a right peron to fall in love?could you possibly stop yourself from loving someone at a certain time? is loving only good and moral for those who are successful and rich?

right now i feel that i am forbidden to love. because i’m young, still studying and still can’t support myself that its not possible for me to have the right feelings for love. it is analyzed that my feelings right now could be a temporary insanity, lust, obsession or extreme liking.. but it is IMPOSSIBLE that it is love.

how could another person actually gauge the intensity of another person’s heartbeat? could love possibly be practically explained? is it really impossible for me to feel and give love right now?

i know a woman who has loved someone her whole life but it so happens that the man was just a mailman. now this man may be a mailman, but he loved the girl all his life, and strived personal excellence in being the best mailman in the world. but we all know that a mailman doesn’t earn much, so the girl used her head. she left the man and went abroad to finer pastures. now she has a huge bank account, a car, a house, a kid and a husband who is a drug dependent, alchoholic, wife-beater, insecure about the mailman and is a patronizing chavunist pig.

another woman used her head her whole life and climed that ladder of corporate excellence. with three degrees on her hat and a lawyer too, she decided with her head that at age 36, she is to marry someone, since she’s stable with her life already. now, she has a house full of debts and a husband who is a womanizer and a wife-beater.

a lot of people tell me to use my head..but with these two women i know..does using your head actually mean you’re smart? surely no woman would ever dream of this kind of situation but i can’t help but think that this has been catalyzed by using one’s head.

i will admit that i have always had my heart rule over my head, and i do that fo the main reason of believing that life is too short. i will not sacrifice my personal growth and inner happiness for these things. people mess up along the journey anyway, so why not skip through it?

funny thing, this love.geniuses have tried to explain it, but even them are left dumbfounded. so why do we still try to search for love if it leaves us confused? why has it become so important to us but we strive to take it forgranted?

as for me.. i’d stick to the whole clichè thing: if loving you is wrong, then i don’t want to be right. let me be stupid for the rest of my life, but i least for me, i know what matters most.


Author: angparaluman

a poster girl with no poster staying on the safe side of the road less traveled.

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