I Cry Tonight

I Cry Tonight

I cry tonight for a life full of mistakes.

For all the scars I bear,

And all the scars I’ve made.

For all the tears I’ve shed,

And for all the tears I’ve caused.

For what could have been,

Should have been,

And never could be.

I cry tonight

For all the beauty I used to see,

All the dreams I used to dream,

And all the goals I left behind.

For the times I did nothing,

Did too little,

Did too much,

Or did not know what to do at all.

For the times I couldn’t understand,

Didn’t try to understand,

And thought I understood but never really had a clue.

For all the things I used to believe in,

Never believed in,

And never should have believed in.

I cry tonight

For all the promises broken,

Lies told,

And words never meant to be spoken.

For all the friends I’ve lost,

All the ones I threw away,

And all the ones who deserved better.

For the times when I gave hope and took it back,

Showed faith only to cower in doubt,

And fell in love just to fall out.

I cry tonight.

For all my apathy and indifference,

For just watching the world go by.

For the a past I’d give anything to forget,

For the present I’d do anything to get out of,

And for the dark future I inexorably march to.

I cry tonight

Out of regret,





I cry tonight because,

For once,

It’s the best thing to do.


Author: angparaluman

a poster girl with no poster staying on the safe side of the road less traveled.

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