the List

so many things to do.. so little time. GRRR!!

well, as if naman its really NECESSARY to do all these things.. but these little tidbits keep me busy as a bumbling bee NOT to mention i have so many writings at bay that is still wating to be posted.. and obviously i wasn’t satisfied enough, i made a new blog and obviously i still can’t fix it. GRRR. okay. here’s the list.

1.1. contact APU (again as suggested by CRC saying that i can go onto a much higher education than what i was enrolling for.)
1.2. follow up my back up plan in CRC.. if all goes as planned i could
1.3. apply for my student’s visa

2.1. Bby Honey
2.1.1. scan ALL THEIR pictures
2.1.2.back-up in a cd
2.1.3. make a webpage of some sort (uhhh.. right bob.)
2.2. Moi
2.2.1. scan my pix collection again
2.2.2. back it up also
2.2.3. fix my own photo album
2.2.4. REPLY to my growing inbox (28 and counting….)
2.2.5. fix my tabula account

3.1. watch my teleseryes (its food for my soul)
3.2. fix my portfolio of documents and stuff
3.3. finish and catch up with my L.O.L. (love you papi…Ü)
3.4. at least compile into an envelope all my scattered writings ( tissue paper.. notepads..cellphone..)
3.5. call tita pearl
3.6. fix my address book
3.7. call for re-adjustment of flight schedule in Emirates
3.8. get a damn box for my bare essentials

hmm. i think that was it. i know i was thinking of so manythings a while ago.. hm.. thats really weird. yeah fine.. most of them aren’t that important at all.. but it keeps me busy.. makes me forget about the time.. so im happy with it.. i was suppose to put there clean my room.. but my strength is beginning to falter. my niece is impossible. together with her friend… they are merciless.. my poor room.. it never tasted cleanliness for a day.

tried to make a small movie out of my niece’s “dance recitals”. so far for an hour’s work that was pretty good… pretty sure i burned in in the DVD rewritable but its not working on the DVD.. but its working on my computer..hmmm here comes the silliness in me again. maybe its because i should just put it in a VCD rewritable? ah. ewan.

talked to valiente kanina.. of course. now im too tired to write about it. next time. put it on the list already.

thank god for Helen of CRC for enlightening me on the Educational System of England. quite honestly i really think that they have a better system.. but i guess i would reserve that for another entry. argh. that’s it. im sleeping na talaga. tomorrow is carboot day AGAIN. i honestly don’t want to go AT ALL. that would mean spending money again. hay. maybe i should call tita soon. i kinda miss her. hmm.


im out.


Author: angparaluman

a poster girl with no poster staying on the safe side of the road less traveled.

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