Jack of all Trades

i just finished taking a nice long bath.

i definitely have a lot to talk about, (when ba hindi?) but my main focus for tonight is my open day tomorrow at CRC. for some reason i feel nervous and giddy inside.. i have to admit i would want to study here.. in pursuit of better knowledge and a better career ahead of me.. but they stillh aven’t given me the interview. what if suddenly they think im this ditz who doesn’t even know half of what she’s doing?

i’m being paranoid once again, but in a way, it’s partly true.i excel at things for that moment in time. there was a time i excelled in soccer. a time i excelled in piano..even voice. but now, im not exactly what you would call a child wonder on those things. (well, mainly because im not a child anymore.) i have become a jack of all trades.. i know a bit of this and a bit of that.. but never did i have something to grasp upon and pour my whole intensity into something.. just like Joshua. i mean, it is billiard, but he has something that he could be proud of.

there is one thing that i am really secretly passionate for: DANCING. i love to dance.. but i don’t think i’m really good at it. yeah, i maybe a notch up compared to the general public (ANG HANGIN AH!!!) but i never really did anything to quench my thirst for dance. my brother did something about it.. i didn’t. when i’m on the dance floor, i feel as if i’m free.. kinda thinking like a swimmer in the ocean. i feel at home.but that was the most i did out of it. i went to bars and danced. (that sounded kinda bad, but its true.)back in highschool i had four annual chances to join any dance troupe.. may it be jazz or even hardcourt..but i never took it. tell you honestly, i have memorized the steps of hardcourt just by looking at them practice it. i know i could have tried, but i didn’t. am i regretting it?

weird, but i don’t. because i had soccer.. and i was passionate about that too. what’s bothering me right now is that i’m still carrying the flame to dance, and i have done nothing for it. hmm.

papa j texted me kanina.. still no modem. dang i miss him like hell. but its all good. he’s watching Troy later. kakainggit. grr. yun lang.Ü

happy birthday to my dear friend, Calvin the Batman. your love story can definitely be a Nicholas Sparks theme. haha!! if i was in your position.. tanga na kung tanga.. but i’m happy anyway. kinda hedonistic, but well, its my life anyway.Ü

gotta hit the haystack now. we’re leaving the house by 8 tomorrow so it would definitely be a LOOOOOOOOOOOONG day. wish me luck.


Author: angparaluman

a poster girl with no poster staying on the safe side of the road less traveled.

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