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mood: drained
music: Sucker – John Mayer

errr.. before i even start telling you about my SUPER WONDERFUL (ha.ha.ha.) day.. i just had to add a thing that i had no idea why i forgot to write about it!!

i was so kiliiiig!! (yihee..Ü) me and papa j were texting coz there’s still no sign of the driver of the modem.. and i was telling him na me and terry are finding ways so that i can go home earlier and and depart later…and he said ayusin mo para sabay na tayong pumunta jan.. im really not good in flying.

be still, my hyperventilating heart.

and as if that was not enough to make me compete with the chesire cat with the world’s largest grin..i said that it would be kinda impossible coz my school starts at sept.. and classes would be finished by 3rd week of August.. im leaving on the second week. how sad noh? well anyway he goes owel, that’s fine, basta susunduin mo ako sa airport ha.

dang, WOMAN.. is this for REAL?

most of the time i want to pinch myself for hearing such impossibly wonderful words from him.. i mean, come on!!! i asked him why he wants to go here with me (trying to imply: you are leaving everything special to you: your family, your friends, your billiard career for an unknown place that you are not even sure that you would succeed. and to think that you are supposed to be the non-committed type. do you realize that once you get here there’s a hard way of turning back? its like A CONTINENT AWAY.. its not just my house to your house.. this is serious stuff.)and he simply, and frankly said (once again.):because i want to be with you.

okay. im supposed to be the love guru here. im the one who’s supposed to act and look stable and mature in our relationship..that is what everyone thinks.. but honestly..its him e. its really him. alam mo yon? i have so many questions and yet its so simple with him.. hey.. IM THE ONE WHO’S SUPPOSED TO BE THE STEADY CHICK! hay idunno!! i guess ill leave it to that.

bottom line is, i really am happy.ÜÜÜ

anyway, today was a blahblah day in general. i didn’t want to be dragged down to Haverhill again coz i was pretty sure that we would get the house anyway… and we did.. and now they’re talking to these solicitors thingy that i have no interest in whatsoever.

i guess i just finally realized why i didn’t want to go out that often anymore. nakakapagod ang cousin kong lumabas.. she might be 38 but dang, she can strain me good!!as i prefer a lazy, steady walk when i go out, she walks in this frantic manner, as if she was being chased by a monster truck. and its really, really ,really tiring. and not to mention we would go to Tesco/Asda at least 3 TIMES A WEEK.. and we do our groceries once a week lang.. the rest of the visits are.. wala lang. she just didn’t want to go home.. i think.

i mean back in the philippines i didn’t want to go home too, but man, she tires me up pretty well!! i don’t know and i can’t still pinpoint to what i really feel, so i guess i’ll just leave it to that muna.

a good thing that came to my mind today was that it was mid-May already. and i am going home mid-July.




that, i think is pretty near already.. there are only four letters that is in the middle of may and july.. so that would be pretty small!! YIPEE!! im sooo excited i just cant hide it!! YAHHOOOO!!!
better start thinking of EVERYONE’s pasalubong.. uh-oh… budget crisis once again!! hassel. i just have to bring pasalubong.. it would be sad if i don’t..i just really love giving gifts.. little trinkets that reminds me of them.. i better start doing that now.

oh,i just remembered what i wanted to write about today. my dream job. anyway, that could be arranged tomorrow. staying home with the kids anyway.

aww. one thing that saddens me is that the Barrio Fiesta in London that Andy was talking about falls exactly on the day that i leave.. or that weekend. i really wanted to go sana.. but the offer is very tempting, but i need to go home. its been a while.Ü

im out.


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