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music: I Can Dream, Can’t I? – Carpenters

i just finished watching some of my soaps.. i miss the predictability/impossibleness of Pinoy soaps.. and i have always wanted to make an entry about it.

i love Pinoy soaps and yet i hate them. they have become synonymous with taking a bath or eating dinner. it’s part of Pinoy pop culture. funny thing is.. everyone watches it.. even though only some confess to be watching it. its supposed to be baduy e. heheh.

i hate it because its so surreal. Mothers actually not against the love life of their daughters.. or even cooing them to go back to their exes even if they have hurt them badly… somehow, there’s a “motherly” instinct going on… and no.. i don’t think my ex and my current boyfriend can actually stay in one room..but come to think of it.. me and terry are pretty close.. but terry doesn’t love joshua.. jeez. and when do boyfriends actually UNDERSTAND a girl? that’s the beauty of a real relationship.. the uncertainty of personalities yet the certainty of the passion for each other. with telenovelas, boyfriends seem to be PERFECT.. and girls are supposed to be either a bitch or a damsel in distress. flowers everytime.. woos here and there.. i mean, COME ON!!! and the best talaga: a rich executive guy falls in love with a squatter chick who happens to be super puti and pretty. IN THE REAL WORLD.. im sure that there are pretty girls born in the squatters area.. but with the way they must live and earn for their lives everyday.. i doubt that they would remain that color for long!!

but this is exactly why we love watching it.. masarap ang bawal… we watch these things because we know that it would never happen in real life.. but we spend most of our time dreaming that it would happen. somehow.. in our imperfect, bleary,sad and realistic world.. these telenovelas provides sanity to our burdened hearts… that even though it can’t come true..hey, i could dream, can’t i?Ü


Author: angparaluman

a poster girl with no poster staying on the safe side of the road less traveled.

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