music: Grace is Gone – Dave Matthews

i swear this house is soooo impossible. REALLY.

everytime there is something missing, its my fault.
everytime they want something accomplished, i should do it.
every single time nalang, they are helpless and need my help.
ultimo pag bukas ng wrapper ng chocolate, UTOS PARIN.

ano ba yan,men!!!

its really frustrating most of the time.. hay… my patience is really tested!!

today while we ate in KFC, im not pretty sure how it started but the bastard made hirit, “oo nga, wala ka nang bulakbol pag dito ka nag-aral!!!” i wanted to KILL HIM. i wanted to strangle him ate made hirit (i REALLY THINK that was an attempt to defend me) “hindi.. di naman lakwatsera yan e…ayaw lang niyan uuwi sa bahay dahil makukulit ang mga tiya imang.”

well, bad news, honey. you are now officially on the same genre.

i actually don’t want to go out anymore. i just want to stay home so that i can save my money. sila tong hindi makatagal sa house. there was no time that ate just stayed home in a day-off. that’s pretty hassel for me coz i have to go out also with her carrying all those babies with me. thank god im only left with two now.

i shal not allow myself to continue such unhealthy feelings. i shall stop right now.

papa j’s computer is still broken.. waaaah.. wish it was ayos already. he said hopefully tomorrow it would be fixed na. yaye. but that’s hopefully.. DAMN.

hay, ihave to do my yoga tomorrow. i have to release all this stress.. i think it would be nearly a week since i last did my yoga. THIS IS BAD!! im gonna get fat again (as if right now im not fat enough!!!)

ij ust want to go back to the philippines and ABUSE my trainers. hehe..anyway.. that’s got to be it for now coz i want to go back to sleep.

i still dont know the equivalent of “good night” in Tagalog. Andy was asking me about it a while ago and i can’t really think of anything at all.. all i say before leaving someone is, “byeee! ingat a”.. hmm. i shall ask about that tomorrow.

see, we have “hanggang sa muli!” (til next time)
but no good night.
argh. whatever.

im out.


Author: angparaluman

a poster girl with no poster staying on the safe side of the road less traveled.

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