Looong Day…

mood: tired
music: If I Had It All – Dave Matthews Band

hay.. my niece is still sleeping here coz my cuz is weaning.. so obviously still have no time to write down nice stuff… been wanting to.

hay nako. by the time i have time to write here na.. wala na.. im not in the mood already.

im damn hungry.. we spent the whole day looking for a house.. might move to Suffolk.. people are not as friendly compared to the people here.. hay.. have trouble adjusting na nga here in Cambridge..then we’re moving pa to Suffolk!! ano ba yan.. hashel.

anyway… really irritated with my cousin right now.. i guess my bucket is filling up again.. you know whats so similar about the two of them.. they like blaming other people for their mistakes.. which is REALLY DAMN FUCKING IRRITATING.

i may be a very patient girl but this family is stretching my patience too much. ive been so good na for 3 months already. they never hear any comments or hirits from me. maybe its high time that i do..

but im not that kind of person kasi e.. it makes me feel bad.. hay nako..ewan.

im enjoying my phone greatly as of the moment.. just wished i had the USB cable so i can synchronize my imaginary busy hectic schedule. WAHAHAHA!!!

so there.. my niece is here na and shes eyeing on my computer already. turning it off na. hashel talaga.

im out.


Author: angparaluman

a poster girl with no poster staying on the safe side of the road less traveled.

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