wla na im calm na.. (originally Ungrateful Bob)

mood: Sorry-ful
music: Loving you – Ric Segreto


my intensity is gone.
my Intricately Woven Quilt of Words have been Destroyed with one CLICK.. and in one word, my world fell apart.


damn technology. if i wrote this down it would not be SUDDENLY erased by a simple click.. although it doesn’t take a simple click to write the whole thing. ARGH.

you win some you lose some.

so anyway i shall try to share again my day.

see i don’t even know where to start it na coz i feel so calm na e!!

all these Filipino melodrama series really has an effect on me.. papa j and i had a fight… well, it was one of those rare times that he actually got mad at me.

pano ba naman, today is our 15th monthsary. he went home earlier and logged on na.. only to find out that he has to wait until 3AM to be able to talk to me.. and for a person such as josh to wait for someone more than 10 minutes without BLASTING about.. that was a real milestone for him.. plus.. he has advanced his allowance na for next week coz he had some dues to pay and now he doesnt know where he is going to get the money to be able to buy internet cards.,,and he spends half of that internet hours waiting for me. there is absolutely no wonder why he was mad at me kanina.

shempre me naman, i instantly realized my mistakes and i said sorry.. e me pa naman when i say sorry i expect to be forgiven right away and go back as if nothing wrong happened.. but i know its not easy.. so what do i do? i began to put on this litany on why i love him and all that crap.. and you knw what he PLAINLY SAID..

joshua_tisoy (9:23:03 PM): alam mo
joshua_tisoy (9:23:27 PM): kanina pa ako pagod
joshua_tisoy (9:23:36 PM): puyat ako parati
joshua_tisoy (9:23:54 PM): tpos tatanungin mo kung mahal kita
joshua_tisoy (9:24:07 PM): malamang!

damn.. i used a whole epic of profound words. he used a handful simple ones but it hit me like a truck. WHAM. STUPID GIRL.

what an ungrateful little bitch i am.. really. i am. and so i said change hours na kami coz hes been doing that for nearly 3 months na noh..and you know what he said? mapupuyat daw ako.. DAMN MAN!!!!!!! i mean…

hay.. this is our main difference.. josh and me.. love to me (most of the time especially when i dont really contemplate about it) is BIG, grand, floating, exhilarating..and since im a girl.. ROMANTIC. with him, it was plain, simple, direct, practical and frank.. it may really look that i give more.. but the truth is.. he has adjusted so much for me.

i just have to put down another convo we had a couple of days ago.. papa j was habiving a bad day because nga charlene (his cue stick) two timed her.. she performed better on another guys hands than when joshua uses her..so he wanted to let her go na,so i asked him..

bobsie_casasola (6:48:25 PM): kung may umagaw sakin… i leletgo mo nalang ba ako!?!?!?!?!?!
joshua_tisoy (6:48:48 PM): let go kita pag patay ka na
bobsie_casasola (6:49:13 PM): heeeee
joshua_tisoy (6:49:15 PM): kunin ka nila
joshua_tisoy (6:49:23 PM): naka kabaong
bobsie_casasola (6:49:46 PM): tama na.. grabe na ito honey.. baka bukas umuwi ako niyan.
joshua_tisoy (6:50:17 PM): d ako easy o get pero easy to keep naman

damn man.. i wanted to run all the way back home… and speaking of home.. they were pestering me again not to go home na this August.they have bribed me on taking away all my expenses and upgrading my phone bill.. but not even wild horses can stop me from running back to the man who would see me die first than let me go. damn man..

okay, i hate to admit this but i just dont want to fall so bad.. i mean, i love him and im still falling for him.. but im wearing a harness.. i may not be holding on to anything, but my waist is still tied up to a branch. alam mo yon? wala lang.. but with everything that he’s doing? damn talaga…parang its so hard to think that everything’s going to be alright.. hay.

that is why the post below me is my post to him for our monthsary in friendster.. damn… i love him.

ARGH!!! my blog is sooo CHIZY! thank god no one reads it everyday or else they would be BOORED to death with my CHIZY-ness!!!

im out.


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