Driven to Tears

fuck my brother in law.. this one’s for my cousin. i love you ate.

She’d been hurt so many times
She had no more tears to cry
She hid away inside herself
When the fists began to fly

He covered her with bruises
He’d yell and cuss her out
He accused her of cheating
When he began to doubt

She vowed that she’d been faithful
She professed undying love
She sat and let him beat her
Whenever push came to shove

He’d tell her she could go
And he wouldn’t even grieve
But he’d turn and beg her to stay
Whenever she threatened to leave

She’d forgive and hold him close
He’d weep into her hair
Her eyes were dry as the desert
His abiding love he would swear

Then he’d get mad again
And hit her harder still
Bloody her nose or break an arm
To live she’d lost the will

She decided she had to leave
It was the sum of all her fears
As she walked out the door
She was finally driven to tears


Author: angparaluman

a poster girl with no poster staying on the safe side of the road less traveled.

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