mood: sleepy
music: All My Life – America

i THOROUGHLY searched my friendster today.. and wonders of wonders.. i never realized i had so many friends that weren’t my friendster yet!!!! GRABE NA ITO!!!!

it was really amusing yet sad at the same time that i didn’t get to focus on my account that much.. i used to be so active..then it came to a point that i just kept adding people — well, mostly those fan accounts stuff.. i don’t accept people i don’t know naman kasi e..and when i get a testi i write one.. and post a song for the day.. then finished na.. log out na.. then today, i was sorting out through people coz suddenly i had this urge to write a testimonial e.. and then BAM… i saw almost everyone who wasn’t my friendster.. anyway.. the second account is free naman diba, so why be nasty about it? never realized i had so many friends!!!!

i never realized that my post of the song of the day thingy was actually read and waited for by people.. i get around 12 (minimum ha) requests everyday for songs.. and now suddenly i’m like doctor love!!! i really don’t mind naman.pero well… wala lang.. kinda happy that people do appreciate it.Ü

i was so pooped yesterday that i didn’t have the time to write here… yesterday was soo kilig.. ill post the conversation maybe tomorrow nalang.. i love him..this is it na talaga. i know i do.Ü

well, im also REALLY tired today.. went swimming e.. so there pader.. thats it pancit.. im not making any sense na.

i’m out


Author: angparaluman

a poster girl with no poster staying on the safe side of the road less traveled.

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