Love and Marriage

mood: determined
music: White Flag – Dido

so im in broadband right now.. i spent half the day trying to figure out how to use the damn thing.. the black box.. it so happened that i am connected via the ethernet and not the USB port.. just trying to sound really smart about this.


erch.. its not working..this is my ultimate waterloo. owel, you win some you lose some, right? didn’t get to chat with papa j too much today.. went to the store to do some errands.. geez.. thats the most i can do with my time anyway.. so there pader… well, i guess this is the only thing that happened to me today…

was suppose to talk about my mom but i decided to talk about something else.

you know what really irks me? seeing the status of people younger than me in friendster MARRIED. i was going through my account vigorously today (you know.. trying to look for people i havent seen for eons and eons.. so far so good.. especially with the 2nd account. the 1st account just grew by itself.. i wonder how much time those fan club accounts have that they search each and every single person to be qualified to their account.. kinda flattering when i think about it now.. hehehhe… oh..maybe ill try entering myself to one of the sites.. hm… but im too tamad to hang about in friendster anyway… sooo…

okay back to my original topic. when i see the status MARRIED it really makes me cringe. don’t get me wrong i am not ENVIOUS in any way of them at all..i just wonder if they truly understand the meaning of that word. MARRIAGE. why dont they just put the truth and put IN A RELATIONSHIP? geez.. its just so irritating..yeah.. the lovey dovey stuff that makes you wish that he would be your husband and vice-versa really sounds enticing but its not a bed of roses really.

i havent been married at all but i do know the gravity and importance of using that word… yeah i guess they are playing around but marraige is not something to be played with!!!

okay im beginning to sound like an old lady here.

living with my ate just opened up my eyes more to the reality of marraige. i never saw my mom and dad live together that long to see.. for me, they are sooo not compatible, but it damn works.. makes me wonder really why they are together.. maybe they really are in love.. i don’t know.

basta all i know is that im going to be careful in picking my man.. so far all i know is that i love joshua.. whatever he may be in the future..if it means that ill be poor with him, so be it.

okay i just sound really contrasting, just now. a while ago i was talking about the reality of marraige, and now here i am thinking dreamily WHAT IF joshua was the one.

if he was, then GREAT. if not, well, guess i’ll be mourning for a long peroid of time.

but for now. i’m still fighting this fight. no white flags, baby.

i’m out.


Author: angparaluman

a poster girl with no poster staying on the safe side of the road less traveled.

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