… you know that it’s hurting me

mood: cranky
music: If It’s Hurting You – Robbie Williams

i feel so giddy today…

didn’t feel like this earlier.. i was happy because i had a new testi from papa j.. and it was wonderful. first time he called me hun in public.. wala lang..

but then i got to chat with ceej.

hay nako i was just trying to be a good friend you know…but i guess he took it the wrong way.. called me a beterano in relationships.. GOD I WAS ONLY TRYING TO HELP!!!

maybe im just really taking it too much… feeling close pa kasi ako e.. now i learned that i shouldnt meddle into anyone’s business.. mind my own life ika nga..

and for some reason the song of robbie williams popped into my head. trust me its not connected to that song but i guess the song is really sad and depressing so i felt that way.. maybe its because its that time of the month na. i have no idea.

i really felt annoyed with that snappy reply. i have no idea why. its not that i still have feelings for ceej.. maybe wala lang. bigla ko lang naisip.. hay nako.. we can never be friends.. we can talk about everything else in the world except our relationships.. we never talked about it.. ewan ko!

hes also in a long distance relationship right now.. i was just trying to help and then he replied with that snappy response. i hated it.. i wasn’t trying to sound LEARNED or that i knew more about love and relationships than him.. i just wanted to help him.

well now i know better. so tempted to erase him once again.. okay i promise i will never message him again. i swear.. maiinis lang ako.

anyway gotta sleep early (wow 3:30 is early now?!).. my broadband is coming tomorrow.

and remind me to make kwento about me and my mom. we talked over the phone kanina.. hay

im out.


Author: angparaluman

a poster girl with no poster staying on the safe side of the road less traveled.

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