i think i’m paranoid!!!

mood: bouncy
music: Better Man – Robbie Williams

eeekkk.. i really think i was so paranoid yesterday!! kakaiba men.. i was magnifying things that are not soooo supossed to be magnified!!! grabe ito men.Ü

everything was so fine and dandy that i was so happy today.. my man loves me. that’s the only thing that is important.Ü so happy don’t know how to say itÜ hayyyy……

i’m such a sucker for words talaga. alam mo yon? a little cajoling here and there.. and voila.. im fine! i think that its a good trait.. don’t carry too much heavy burden within me.. but sometimes it can get a little too much also.. especially when the crime comitted isn’t that easy to forget.

i forgive too easily. but, there is an exception to every rule. and that would be my friggin’ brother-in-law. i hate him. here i go again.. my journal really sux.. its either me telling i love joshua or i hate.. god what’s his name again? damn.. i really don’t- oh, okay its gerry. GERARDO. fucker.

anyway.. don’t want to dwell on that for it would just make me feel worse.. i have na.. i hate this time of the month… (geez how personal can i get?!)

okay starting tonight, i will try to write something else rather than raving about my man or ranting about that jerk. hmmm..

oh, i met a new friend today.. actually i met him through friendster.. hahah!! how weird.. but no he’s actually really nice… he doesn’t sound or feel like a psycho killer. anyway he’s also from london and he’s part pinoy.. gosh if joshua reads this… hehe HON: he’s OLD! i love you! but anyway.. josh wouldn’t really care coz he trusts me…. okay.. drifting away from the topic…. go back bob. so there nga. well, i didn’t meet him eye to eye but i replied. no harm done. wala lang diba? not that bad, if you ask me.. besides, i think its high time for me to meet some PEOPLE HERE. god im such a hermit.. that explains all the time i have for INTERNET!! HAHAH!!!

so that was just my day.. besides that.. its still mighty boring.. really don’t know what’s my purpose writing down my boring life here.. maybe when i get older it would sound really amusing.

i’m out.


Author: angparaluman

a poster girl with no poster staying on the safe side of the road less traveled.

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