so lazy…

mood: blah
music: Closest thing to crazy – katie melua

i have so many things happening to me right now but, i chose not to write it coz im sooooooooooooooooooooooo LAAAAAAAAZZZZZZZZZZZZYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY.

cannot emphasize on that word sooo much….

although i have enough time to rave about my (here we go again) dear boyf.. hhhehÜ looks like i always have time for him… Ü

anyway he passed his thesis one already and graduating next term!! YIPEE!! sooo.. is he really coming over here? we shall soon find that out!!! which i really hope he will coz… it would really break my heart if he didn’t.. hay… ewan.

talked about me today… he wanted to give me something.. whether it was a cue stick or a bracelet.. i really don’t care.. basta bigay niya. how wonderful can he be? haha.. being a pessimist for once i thnk there is a reason behind the selling of my cue stick.. gosh i just hope he doesn’t read my journals.. gave him my password and everything but i know him. he’s really tamad to read tons and tons of letters. Ü

sooo thats it.. havent really made kwento about me and ceej.. but really there’s nothing to talk about.. i mean, just wanted to share it here.. but besides that, nothing really biggie.. no issues whatsoever.

oh…i just had to add.. I HATE KUYA. i swear.. going around nanaman making parinig about my CHATTING. well, mister.. i dont do drugs.. im loyal to my boyfriend and i am not PARANODIC JEALOUS LIKE YOU so SHUT YOUR SPANKING TRAP. i just want to feed him to the dogs or something. i have the right to go mental about this coz he drives me ABSOFUCKINGLUTELY MAAAAAAD!!! AHWHAAHAWAAA!!

well, whaddayouknow.. i did make an entry.. heehe 😀

sooo anyway… thats it! im out.Ü


Author: angparaluman

a poster girl with no poster staying on the safe side of the road less traveled.

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