mood: giggly
music: Can this be love – Smokey Mountain

obviously im way bored thats why i went to those sites.. actually it was referred to me.. i cant believe how much the job analysis really works!! that is sooooooooo mee… i mean, that is my character all in all. i cant believe they got that.. and the same goes for josh’s analysis too.. isnt that grand?

its his defense later.. im pretty scared..but i prayed really hard and said to God na i hope all His energy reserved for me be given to him nalang for one day.. i mean im pretty alright here.. Joshua needs Him more than i do.. i’ll just be home, and he’ll be defending his future.. diba?

so there.. im still hooked with go-gaia.. i cant believe this!! its so addicting.. and my brother is playing ragna also.. so i guess this means that i would be playing soon.. uh-oh…. this smells trouble…

all in all my day was okay. it was.. almost spent the whole day infront of the computer.. well, i always do but i dont know where to go.. and now i do! thanks to go-gaia!!

oh, my climax of the day was when i chatted with boom…. she told me josh would frequently talk about me.. ehehehe.. and mind you.. di na ako bob.. im now “ang girlfriend ko..” awww man….*blush*… i miss him terribly!!! but as we always say…

“stronger than steel, baby. stronger than steel.

and with that, im out. 😀


Author: angparaluman

a poster girl with no poster staying on the safe side of the road less traveled.

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