mood: aggravated
music: Paano – Freestyle

oh boy, ive been soo busy that i haven’t had the time to post an entry here.

as if i’m doing something worthwile…. hehe

my shout out of thanks to suzy.. who once again have manage to shorten my boredom here and introduced me to the wonderful world of Go-Gaia.. hehe.. i won’t be surprised if someday i would suddenly play Ragna narin!! anyway.. its really a cool site and i just love the idea of dressing up my character.. no wonder i am so addicted to it….

had a very bad day yesterday.. actually it spawned till this morning.. coz i didn’t get to sleep because of my dear little niece who decided that she didn’t want to sleep. my ate was night shift last night so she had to sleep with me.

her father, on the other hand, was drunk again.

I REALLY HATE THAT BASTARD. he belongs to my exclusive short list of people who i hate… i rarely use the word hate you know.. i find the word very alive and full of energy… which i really don’t like splewing out on other people… but he made it there.. almost at the top of my list.. just below the people who are the “anay” to my relationship with joshua.. and below him is my pesky little driver bato…

after them, i cannot see any other human being that i can specifically put in this category.

i mean sure.. i have some people that irritate me regularly.. but that’s it.. once they irritate me, fine.. but after that.. i rarely think about them.. and if ever i do.. it doesn’t cause as much chaos in me as much as these people do…

he is sooo lazy and feeling.. patronizing me most of the time.. kanina lang he was talking to me and asking me why i didn’t graduate. i calmly explained to him that my course was 5 years and kahit anong gawin kong sipag.. i won’t be able to graduate in 3 years!!! the nerve of him to think that i am pabaya!!

i have to be honest here. i am not a 4 student. sure.. i did fail a couple of times.. but does he have to show me that he is a GOD!? i bet he failed too.. at least i don’t smoke marijuana anymore..go drunk and hit my loved ones..

i always think that everyone has their own faults.. maybe thats why i really hate people who think that they are so perfect, or keep blaming their faults to other people.. its just so plain… gosh i cant even find a word for it.. makes me wanna fume talga!!!!

so anyway.. thats it… i wanna play na again in go-gaia.. want to buy those shades.. hehehh 😀 im out.Ü


Author: angparaluman

a poster girl with no poster staying on the safe side of the road less traveled.

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