my favorite boy

mood: good
music: My Favorite Things – Julie Andrews

i was sooo busy last night (well, kaninang morning was more like it) that i had absolutely no time to put on an entry…. owel.


my enter key is moving again.. finally!!!

you know what, i have absolutely no idea what day it is already… i mean, time flies so fast.. and its kinda good and kinda bad in a way that i forget that its been too long since i last saw josh… and good because before i know it, im back in his arms again.

i can’t wait.

i did his paper yesterday…. (whats new.) and all of a sudden my expensive computer DECIDED that it didn’t want to perform normally, that suddenly it had an error and it had to close.

if i wasn’t paying for this computer, or if its public use, or i could afford to buy 10 more, i would have shattered it to pieces.

sadly, i do not fit in any of those levels. eeek.

so there, and i was so bad trip that i wanted to call josh up.. and as usual, i will post our conversation because im so tamad to make it kwento.

bobsie_casasola (3:44:01 AM): i am sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
bobsie_casasola (3:44:04 AM): i swear.
bobsie_casasola (3:44:47 AM): i have read these articles for the past 5 hours and then it decides, when i finally type everything… that IT DIDNT WANT TO FUCKING SAVE.
bobsie_casasola (3:44:51 AM): that it has an error.
bobsie_casasola (3:44:55 AM): fuck it./
bobsie_casasola (3:44:56 AM): fuck it./
bobsie_casasola (3:44:56 AM): fuck it./
bobsie_casasola (3:44:57 AM): fuck it./
bobsie_casasola (3:44:57 AM): fuck it./
bobsie_casasola (3:44:58 AM): fuck it./
bobsie_casasola (3:44:59 AM): fuck it./
bobsie_casasola (3:44:59 AM): fuck it./
bobsie_casasola (3:45:00 AM): fuck it./
joshua_tisoy (3:45:39 AM): hmm…so pano na yan?
bobsie_casasola (3:45:51 AM): tangina ano pa nga ba edi gagawin ko ulit
bobsie_casasola (3:46:07 AM): are ytou even planning to tell me you were online?!
joshua_tisoy (3:47:24 AM): kakaonlyn ko lng
joshua_tisoy (3:47:46 AM): dnt get mad at me
bobsie_casasola (3:47:50 AM): im not.
bobsie_casasola (3:47:55 AM): im just soooo upset
bobsie_casasola (3:48:02 AM): the paper was so draining
bobsie_casasola (3:48:15 AM): i was so relieved to save it already… to actually finish it
bobsie_casasola (3:48:23 AM): and when i was putting the double space thingy
bobsie_casasola (3:48:37 AM): my fucking stupid computer DECIDED that it has a fucking ERROR
bobsie_casasola (3:48:45 AM): and didnt want to save any of it.
joshua_tisoy (3:48:58 AM): bka ther lng sya sa mga files mo
bobsie_casasola (3:49:05 AM): what i wrote i cannot bring back…. it would be different if i write it again
bobsie_casasola (3:49:12 AM): and i liked that one that i already wrote…..
bobsie_casasola (3:49:14 AM):
bobsie_casasola (3:49:15 AM):
bobsie_casasola (3:49:17 AM):
bobsie_casasola (3:49:19 AM):
bobsie_casasola (3:49:21 AM):
joshua_tisoy (3:49:38 AM): try looking 4 it muna
joshua_tisoy (3:49:48 AM): it mite b ther lng
bobsie_casasola (3:50:09 AM): tapos im waking up early pa to bring the kids to the daycare.. and im going to the international office for my visa.. and what a long day tomorrow.. FUCKER TALAGAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!
bobsie_casasola (3:50:19 AM): its not here luv. you know i would have checked it right away..
bobsie_casasola (3:50:33 AM): i wanted to dissolve in my chair and pretend that it didnt happen
joshua_tisoy (3:51:20 AM): ma 2log ka na kya tom nlang yan
joshua_tisoy (3:51:31 AM): sleep it off nlang
bobsie_casasola (3:51:35 AM): tomorrow? but your paper is due today!!!
bobsie_casasola (3:51:44 AM): i cant do it tomorrow… it will be too late!!!
joshua_tisoy (3:51:55 AM): its due fri
bobsie_casasola (3:52:00 AM): hone
bobsie_casasola (3:52:02 AM): hon
joshua_tisoy (3:52:07 AM): thurs evening ko makuha sayo
bobsie_casasola (3:52:08 AM): i thought it was due today.
joshua_tisoy (3:52:40 AM): by 2nyt kc dadalhin ko pa tom sa skul yan
bobsie_casasola (3:53:01 AM): i dunno what to say~
joshua_tisoy (3:54:32 AM): go 2 sleep na hun
bobsie_casasola (3:55:04 AM): im too upset baby…
bobsie_casasola (3:55:13 AM): i put so much effort into it
bobsie_casasola (3:55:41 AM): you should have seen it.. i mean i made sure that everything ws okay that i didnt plagarize…
bobsie_casasola (3:55:52 AM): and i know you needed it now.. so i thought..
bobsie_casasola (3:55:56 AM): basta..
bobsie_casasola (3:55:59 AM): im really upset
joshua_tisoy (3:56:07 AM): theres nothing we can do now
joshua_tisoy (3:58:00 AM): relax hon
bobsie_casasola (3:58:28 AM): hay.
bobsie_casasola (3:58:32 AM): wanna smoke?
bobsie_casasola (3:58:38 AM): are you sure you still dont need it?
bobsie_casasola (4:01:05 AM): elo?
joshua_tisoy (4:02:42 AM): yup i need it
bobsie_casasola (4:02:51 AM): when?!
bobsie_casasola (4:02:59 AM): i have to do it now?
joshua_tisoy (4:03:12 AM): not rily
joshua_tisoy (4:03:17 AM): sleep muna
bobsie_casasola (4:03:32 AM): im so sorry hun.. i really am….
bobsie_casasola (4:03:41 AM): you dont know how much this upset me.
joshua_tisoy (4:03:42 AM): i can get it like 2nyt na
joshua_tisoy (4:03:47 AM): its ok
joshua_tisoy (4:03:55 AM): smile ka
bobsie_casasola (4:04:10 AM): i still might be out… what time is your class?
joshua_tisoy (4:04:30 AM): kahit late 2nyt na
bobsie_casasola (4:04:57 AM): yeah i know but i just want to make sure… 230 right?
joshua_tisoy (4:05:56 AM): kahit mga midnight d2 2nyt
bobsie_casasola (4:06:26 AM): that would be around 4 here… hmmmmmm sige i promis to go home early talaga…
joshua_tisoy (4:07:14 AM): dnt stress hun
bobsie_casasola (4:07:45 AM): grabe talga ito… i made your paper after one long warm relaxing bath…
joshua_tisoy (4:07:59 AM): its ok hun
bobsie_casasola (4:08:04 AM): thinking that i would be relax. you know.. get the creative juices flowing….
bobsie_casasola (4:08:17 AM): my hair is still wet and i havent even brushed it…
joshua_tisoy (4:08:42 AM): relax na hun
joshua_tisoy (4:08:54 AM): sleep na
bobsie_casasola (4:09:17 AM): yeah.. i just have to dry this hair out…
bobsie_casasola (4:09:22 AM): smoke?
joshua_tisoy (4:09:53 AM): ok
bobsie_casasola (4:10:05 AM): im still trying to look for it… it might be here somewhere…
bobsie_casasola (4:11:00 AM): waht are you looking at?
bobsie_casasola (4:11:04 AM): you watching tv?
bobsie_casasola (4:11:14 AM): tell me something soothing.
joshua_tisoy (4:11:16 AM): yup
joshua_tisoy (4:11:39 AM): you look ravishing honey
joshua_tisoy (4:11:52 AM): perfect…ur so perfect
bobsie_casasola (4:12:02 AM): soothing…. hindi bola.
bobsie_casasola (4:12:09 AM): benta naman ako
joshua_tisoy (4:12:20 AM): everyone loves u
joshua_tisoy (4:12:20 AM): i love u
joshua_tisoy (4:12:20 AM): u are a beautiful woman
joshua_tisoy (4:12:20 AM): capable of anything
joshua_tisoy (4:12:32 AM): see
joshua_tisoy (4:12:39 AM): ur smilin
bobsie_casasola (4:12:48 AM): yeah.. your really good at that
bobsie_casasola (4:13:06 AM): that better be the truth ha
joshua_tisoy (4:13:25 AM): ofcors!
joshua_tisoy (4:13:30 AM): wud i lie to u…?

lets end it at that… i have to say that he is my favorite thing.. you know that song julia andrews sings in Sound of Music…

“when the dog bites, when the bee stings, when i’m feeling sad…”

and he’s that favorite thing that i remember and then it doesn’t feel so bad.. and you know what, it really works… weird sometimes when i think of it.. but thats the way i feel when im with him.. its just soooo….. in place. intact. i could have the roughest day ever but just the thought of him soothing me in his own special way soothes me as well… even though most of the time what he tells me is plain bola. wink*

but i guess im that kinda girl.. i know that i dont take compliments too seriously, and same goes with bola, but when someone i love does it, it just absorbs in me, although i know it is bola… sigh* hirap talaga when youre in love.. all defenses are down.. well, obviously mine has been down for erggg… almost 2 years now. nearly two years now.

here i am blabbing again about josh.. but hey, this is history in the making.. later on when im older and things like these are in the same level as monograms and gramophones of the olden times, i would always look back at this and see how marvelously i have loved.. and hopefully i can share that with him 😀

okay i better stop mushy wushying about josh for this time. ummm .. then it leave me nothing else to say… haha!! no just kidding.. highlight of the day was i got my new credit card.. i think i said that earlier na but i just want to reiterate it… and for the first time, everything that i will be buying will be under my name and i have to pay for it.


just last friday i bought these absolutely gorgeous pair of shoes.. the one that just whimpers, “buy me… buy me.. i know you want me…. your legs looks fabulous on me…” and for a whopping price of £30.. which is nearly half my weekly sweldo, i bought it. im such an impulsive buyer… grabe i think i have to stop na….

anyway, better start trying to go to sleep early.. but im still waiting for papa j to go online and tell him about my nonwhimsical day… whatever that means.. in the mean time, i shall ponder on which cellphone i will buy.. the sony ericsson p900.. or the new nokia 7200… im planning to stick to my sony.. but then you know phones.. its a really vicious cycle.. and i am a vicious hungry victim.. wahahah!!

okay.. too long nw.. gotta park. im out.


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