School is Cool

mood: annoyed
music: Can We Just Stop and Talk A While? – Jose Mari Chan

went out to find my school today.. damn.. gonna cost me a whole lotta g’s for me to study here.. but im really thinking about it.. biruin mo.. my 5 years worth in the philppines is equivalent to one year ONLY. comeon!! my value as a working person would definitely go waaay higher than i want it to be.. damn damn damn… but two years.. i am honestly thinking of one major thing… its not the money.. not the location, not the years.. all that i can survive…


i love him so.. and i know that he would support my decision.. but would we able to stand up against time? lord knows how this work… but i think of all those men who go to war and have their wives wait for them patiently.. TRUE LOVE.. are we going to be able to fit in that batch of people? the creme de la creme of LOVE and RELATIONSHIPS.


i think so.

but its not that easy.. i really wish that papa j would be able to get here in london so we would be together na.. with the case of my mom,, well, ala na sha magagawa doon diba? come on, i love the guy!! whats wrong with loving? obviously she has a thing or two to learn about love also!!! and so does my ate.. she left the one she really loved there sa philippines and settled for this half breed man and mongrel.. joshua, would never ever hit me. i know. he is not that kind of man.

anywhoo….. got to be friends with bryan atienza again.. isnt that really weird? now i get to think and try to remember if we ever had something going on between the two of us.. nyerk.

no matter..anyway, past is past.. but i seem to see that he is so-called “a heartthrob” these days.. i wonder why i never saw it.. or what i saw in it before!!


im soooo mean!! but its true naman e…. but im glad were definitely friends again.. heheh.

so anywhoo.. thats it for today.. oh, my baby lost today.. P500… he is so sad… nawawalan na daw sha ng dangal.. tangina plus the message of VJay in his friendster.. i cant wait till i get it all fixed up. i will definitely kick the crap out of him.

so there pader. thats all for now. im out.


Author: angparaluman

a poster girl with no poster staying on the safe side of the road less traveled.

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