hey big spender!!!

mood: happy
music: Ella Fitzgerald songs

oooo.. not sure if i did put an entry last night.. i guess i didn’t but what the hell.. i’ll still make kwento anyway…

we are sooo near to finding out who harassed me earlier.. right now im busy gathering my people to make the next few months of their lives miserable. okay i think im exagerating.. maybe for a couple of days…..

i have eaten too much of their crap you know. a part of me is still soft and guilty to make the call, but a part of me says that i have to stand up.. i can’t be forever harrassed like this.. if i don’t put my food down now, we will forever have tormentors.. and i think i would like to show josh that this is too much, and im not willing to sit down and harass me any further. besides our main suspect shouldn’t even have an grudge against me because i never did him any wrong!! i mean diba? parang, ANO BANG GINAWA KO SAYO? wait i think i did write this down earlier.. hehehe.

didn’t get to talk to papa j last night.. awmannn.. that really sucks.. hay.. but its okay.. im trying to wait for him now but he is so tagal to wake up! grr!!

i spent so much today… i bought these lovely pair of pointed pumps that has been my dream to buy ever since i was a kid.. it was £30.00… not bad for a week’s salary of £100.. but then it still sucks because im sending money to the Philippines and i have phone lines to pay and a cell to buy.. all luxuries.. but what the hell. i want it, and i can godamn pay for it anyway.. hehe.. and not to mention that i bought bath salts and bombs for £10, and an IDT card for £17…heheee

IM SOOO HAPPY..ÜÜÜÜÜÜ i FINALLY found a POOL CLUB!! isn’t that STUPENDIFIDOUS? SPLENDIRIFIC even!!! i can finally play billiards. when i saw the place i swear my heart lept like i found my long lost son or something.. membership was £10… but thats lifetime na.. i can’t wait to join the tournaments!! i mean, i know i have been out of practice but what the hell diba? that’s why nga i joined e!! was planning to join a new gym but i bought a DVD nalang of a workout. which was £14.00.. so can you just imagine how much was left of my sweldo? im not even calculating it anymore..gee.. i really have to find another less time-consuming job. sayang naman my new atm and credit card kung walang laman ang account ko!! HAAHAH!!

my eyes are playing tricks on me.. i keep seeing that a yahoo message pops up of my lower right screen.. i really miss my papa j.. gosh.. cant take this na….

owelll, i have to go, coz my sister will wake up really really soon. see yah.Ü


Author: angparaluman

a poster girl with no poster staying on the safe side of the road less traveled.

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