let the good times roll!!!

mood: accomplished
music: Bring me to life – evanescence

what a nice day it is today.. okay.. not so because my enter key, as usual has failed me.. i dont know what the hell is wrong with it but anyway…. i guess i just have to do it without the enter key… sooo…. it has been such a great day.. first of all, i have my bank account already.. YAYE!!!! and it is a current account.. which means i have a credit card and a checkbook.. yeah yeah mababaw kung mababaw but thats meeee!!! i miss my credit cards back in the philippines.. for a stupid reason i totally forgot about it until the time i was already in the airport.. gee bob, nice going.. but anyway.. i have a new credit card here so all is well.. sad thing is that i have to pay for it na myself.. back home i had my dad pay for it.. i just usually buy books and stuff but then i guess now i really have to earn for it. good thing that my pay here is not that bad.. plus i really dont have friends here so i cant go out shopping or malling.. that is good news and bad news.. i guess i better take it that way. anyway.. so there nga…my other good news is that they finally have a lead on who to my oppressors are in ym… YES. *sniff sniif* revenge is soooo sweet.. especially when served cold. im not really like this you know.. the revenge type of girl.. but then, that was too much, and i guess i have my limitations too.. so sue me. one group of hackers have identified 20 users of blacksheep_brat. and one of them is someone we really know.. but we have to make sure that he is the one who really did it.. anyway… i would really want to kill ice_joshua.. hes the one who really hurt me. and my papa j as well. so he better pay.. hmmmmm im not sure how they’re going to do with my friendster account but ill leave that to the geniuses… as for me.. revenge is sweet. it sounds so bad.. but im really enjoying it.. maybe its time to step up and not take what everybody throws at me.. ive been eating this shit for more than a year now so i guess they better cut me some slack naman diba… okay… gotta AFK first.. my baby is on line… see yah.


Author: angparaluman

a poster girl with no poster staying on the safe side of the road less traveled.

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