mood: determined music: I Am What I Am no place …

mood: determined
music: I Am What I Am

no place for a title today.. because simply it was a blah day… i slept for 5 hours before this!! would you believe right after dinner i went to sleep na.. only because i want more time in the net every evening (PHilippine time) and i felt that it would be much faster to work at night.. and then now, my computer cant fucking access Friendster.


not that i have become a friendster addict, but i guess its because i have been doing testimonials loooong due to certain people.. and for some odd reason, my friends started adding up again.. and people i don’t know at all!! you know those group thingees.. anyway so there.

here’s my story last night.

i told josh about the stalker thing.. and i found out one lead to it… i was searching through Friendster for people i didn’t make testis (this word really sounds baaad…) for.. and i stumbled upon this particular person who hangs out in my tambayan.. in Koleo.. where i rule supreme together with Josh (hehe). so anyway… guess what was in his “About Me:” section.

…blacksheep, brat…..

in that particular order.

i suddenly developed the chills.

could this be a sign? could he be the one who did it?

i mean, it could be purely coincidental.. yet everything fits in place.. i know that this guy likes me.. only i know too that he is scared of the people im affiliated with and feeling maton sha.

but i know when someone likes me or not. i just pretend to be dense so that i can save face.. or embarassment for both parties.

okay… now this has really become a personal journal. hehhe.something new you learn about me everyday.

so anyway… there nga.. this guy…it could be.. could be not.. as a true libran it is an inate characteristic to weigh the both sides of the story.. but i dont know.. really i dont know..

but i still told josh about it.. hoo boy.. and now his hackers are working on it.. and so are mine…

let the games begin.

another thing thats going through my mind is that i know even if he was the one.. he would never tell.. i mean ho wouuld diba? its going to be my word against his.. hay nako. and the one that i really want to kill was ice_joshua…. i really really really want to hurt that person.. ive never been like this before.. im usually mild mannered and super steady when it comes to crisis like this.. but he changed everything.

yeah, yeah, let go, shmet go.. i do. when im doing something different i dont think about it.. but when its time to think about it..


ha. so there.. that was my day yesterday.. and today. well, its alright.. nothing new.. chatted with my papi.. thats what i call him now.. papi… hehehheeh…okay.. i have to check my other sites… see yah.


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a poster girl with no poster staying on the safe side of the road less traveled.

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