First Time!!!

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Current music: knocks me off my feet – donell jones
okay.. its my first time in this thingy so i really dont know what to say.. hehehe weird feeling on typing here.. anyway.. so…
nothing really biggie..had a good day in fairness.. chatted with bim for the first time after a month or so.. saw everyone in the house… HAHA!!!! they really look funny..i guess i really do miss them.. its weird not being able to see my brother.. well for my mom..its a different thing.. she just kept on telling me to get a school here.. blahblahblah… i mean whatever happened to, “anak, miss na kita.. umuwi kana dito…sorry pinapunta pa kita jan.. dapat di na tayo nagkahiwalay…. kamusta na?” but its all SERMON and whatever.diba? who would want that naman.. i know i wouldnt.. i wouldn’t do that at all..i wouldn’t even send my child here if she didn’t want to in the first place. i know we have our disagreements and everything but still.. she doesn’t know how much i do love her.. and sorry that i can never measure up to what she wants me to be.. i said nanga that i would seriously think of getting a school here, and she said take a commerce course. Hello. that’s why we kept on arguing in the first place because she wanted me to take accountancy.. i was thinking of getting a course in media.. which i really want.. i can never have a desk job. i need something with action.. with passion.. with involvement and uncertainties. i need a job that interacts. that’s what i want. i know now that it is what i want, and she doesn’t want that.. kasi daw at least commerce would get me a job kaagad.. but then why get stuck with something i don’t like right? hay..
i have to rant about thisthing lang. sandali lang talaga..I HATE KUYA. i swear. he wants me to go log-off the net because i was here na daw the whole day. SO SUE ME!! comeon.. i don’t have anything better to do here.. i mean i do my job and i pay for my internet and phone line.. then he goes ranting that the electricity is getting high and everything.. well well, if not for this internet i wouldn’t be able to get him all the porn he wants so he can FUCKING jack off. if he wants i’ll even pay half the fucking electricity. i never asked anything from him and honestly, i do work OVERTIME. he doens’t know how to take care of his kid. no wonder my niece loves me more than him. sorry. okay. im okay now.
sooo.. to a lighter side.. i chatted with pabie. i miss him.. hehe.. and as usual, we talked about loooovve and how it works yadayada.. asked me if i was sure if i should be with josh. and the answer to that? OF COURSE! i know that i want this.. and i need this..i can’t bear my heart to be broken again. i guess that is what everybody wishes right? but still, i have to be prepared to go either way. if we end up with each other then GREAT! if not, well, it wouldn’t be the first time that we broke up with each other. song for the day: KNOCKS ME OFF MY FEET “i don’t wanna bore you with it, oh boy i love you i love you i love you…more and more, it makes me weak and knocks me off my feet..” Ü chatted with my baby also a while ago..this internet thingy makes our long distance thing easier to bear – and cheaper too! i cant wait until he graduates.. then no one can stop us now… together, we will rule the world!! WAHAHAHA!!! Ü sorry. got out of hand. didn’t mean that. just a slight burst of energy. Ü
shout outs to suzy, my goood good long time and also international friend…thanks for showing me a new wonderful way to spend my electricity, time, allowance and brain.. for this i will be eternally grateful to you!


Author: angparaluman

a poster girl with no poster staying on the safe side of the road less traveled.

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