lost stars

But you

Are a breath of fresh air

Warm and cozy

And electrifying all at the same time

I keep staring at your huge fingers

And i wonder

If your lips will be as succulent

I need you to

Ravage me
Bite me
squeeze me
Til I get dizzy

Lick me
Tease me
Slap me
To ecstasy

Touch me
Hold me
Caress me
From late to early

Hug me
Hold me
Cuddle me
So sweetly

Big spoon little spoon
One hand on another
Rest your lines upon my curves
I promise i’m not bothered.

“Let’s wake up already”, he said.
“Did you sleep well? “, i replied.
“I actually did,  but i’ve been watching you sleep for an hour now. “

Oh darling,  i’ve been awake for two.

“Make a wish,”  she said,  staring earnestly at the flickering candles.

He bowed down and looked at her.

And in a snuff,  only smoke remained.