you held my hand.

you held it like it was the most natural thing to do.

you searched for it, and the moment you found it, you emptied the spaces of mine with the emptiness of yours too.

and i held your hand too.
i put my hand on your chest.

and i felt your heart pound like the waves against the rocks. i wanted to soothe you, but ar the same time i wanted you to feel how i felt everytime you wrap your arms around me.

and my heart was yours to pound through the waves too.

“what? you gotta be kidding.”

“of course i love you, stupid.”, she said with all the matter-of-fact she could muster. 

he  stared at her, and just before he can speak, she started:
“let me make this clear. i love you so much that all i’ve ever wanted is for you to be happy – 

it’s just that i know, it’s not me

that you are happy with.”