how wonderful it is to know

that the other me’s

can make friends with the other you’s

I knew it.

I called it when I felt it.

I want to see it right smack in my face – because that is the only way I’d ever know how to let you go.

We once were together on a moon such as this.

Once,  we were driving through the expressway,  with pine trees on both sides and the song Yellow sweetly humming on my cheap flip top phone.

Another time it was overlooking a cliff while we alternately sang through a karaoke machine,  hugging each other in between songs,  sipping beer between kisses.

We also watched its reflection on the pool while we dangled our feet on the edge, creating ripples to make the moon dance.  Our fingers barely touched,  but our toes did.

But on most nights,  we would sit by the balcony,  bare feet propped on the terrace,  with one blanket protecting us from the cold night.

And tonight, instead of looking beside me, I glance up to the moon

Which was once ours.

lost stars

But you

Are a breath of fresh air

Warm and cozy

And electrifying all at the same time

I keep staring at your huge fingers

And i wonder

If your lips will be as succulent

I need you to

Ravage me
Bite me
squeeze me
Til I get dizzy

Lick me
Tease me
Slap me
To ecstasy

Touch me
Hold me
Caress me
From late to early

Hug me
Hold me
Cuddle me
So sweetly