Medium Rare

It must have been the music we sang and played the whole night,  or the intoxicating company we had,  but somehow i found 2 fingers intertwined with mine.
We were both intently listening to the person we were with.  Cued laughter and polite responses were given,  but there we were,  subconsciously being too familiar with old touches,  old grazes.
My feet were cold,  and your hands were always warm.

2 fingers,  1 soul.

I am the sun,  you are the moon
I am the words,  you are the tune
Play me

calloused hands
wrinkled skin
warm hugs
legs in between

eyes closed
open mouth
heavy breaths
please don’t shout

head’s on a daze
the softest touch
weakened knees
it’s never too much